Finger Funk Banished

Every time I watch Adam Sandler in 50 First Dates I want to stop the movie and offer this to him and Drew Barrymore as they discuss his fishy smelling fingers! Finger funk is just too much to handle and the idea of having hands that smell wonderfully fishy is disgusting.  While I love seafood I don’t like the smell that can resonate on my fingers long after eating it and I don’t want my cat chasing my hands when I am trying to rest.  Cutting the grass is a must, but if you carry the smell of gasoline around with you day long from coming into contact with it, it surely is not a perfume, it is offensive.  Cutting up garlic and peeling the cloves or even peeling an onion can leave your fingers smelling like those veggies long after use, but I prefer to lavishly live life out loud, shuck, peel, cut grass and enjoy fish and come out smelling like a rose! Are you ready for this?

This Bar
will have you rubbing, peeling, touching gasoline, eating crab, and working in the grass, and then rubbing away the smell without harming your hands! This is my personal little treasure.  This is my little miracle find that lets me lavishly indulge in those foods and activities that must be done and never smell badly.  I have been using this particular bar for over 5 years and the small cost is well worth it.  This is not soap, not antiseptic, nor is it a detergent.  The bar is usable over and over again and it never wears down or out! The bar is a must have in every kitchen or workshop.  While it does not take the dirt away, it completely takes the funk of whatever you have on your fingers away.


Mine is Martha Stewart and I found it in KMART, but I know there are other places out there that sell them.  The bar costs under $8 in most places and if you can’t find it in the store, just touch the photo and buy it here online.  I am telling you this will help those of you who actually touch smelly things smell better!  Finger smells are all gone, so you don’t have to worry about your cat or dog chasing your hands around anymore and when you brush your hands past your face you won’t smell anything! Lavishly live life out loud and indulge in cutting garlic, peeling onions, filling up the mower and let the stank be gone! Rub away.



*this is just me bringing you what I use on a normal basis. No product sponsor – affiliate links contained within.


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