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Moms have some of the busiest schedules out there and every mom I know struggles between balancing life and balancing their kids lives.  The key to success is that that little piece of time you carve out for you.  We want our clothes to hang right, and our bodies to be in shape, but time is always working against us.  For me, life has a way of throwing curve-balls at me and I never know what the day will hold.  Sometimes even with the best intentions of wanting to work out the morning just seems to disappear.  It often seems that the days pass before I can get ahead of them, and I don’t know how that is possible because I start about 5 AM and I don’t stop all day long until 11 P!.  As a mom, I find it can be so hard to to carve out that little bit of time that actually belongs to me.  I know it is so important to have a bit of “me” time but I can’t always make it happen.  With summer moving through I seem to have lost myself in kids, playtime, downtime and running around for all of the kids and their activities.  Suddenly, I snapped the other day and just realized that I am at my breaking point.  I must have some time back to myself and that a way to recapture ME time is through a little time spent with a quick workout that offers muscle building, an increase in strength and a way to burn fat! My needs led me to our Pittsburgh location G&G Fitness where I spent a lot of time discussing Kettlebell training with expert and Regional Manager KENNY Wunderlin.   Lavishly live your health, beauty and fitness life out loud with a great workout that you may not even have known existed.  This exercise can be done in any room of your home and does not take much time, a real bonus for MOMS with busy lives!

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What the heck is a Kettlebell?  A Kettlebell looks like a bowling ball and it has a handle on it.  The Kettleballs come in different weights, creating different resistance.  As they weight gets heavier your workout will become more intense and you will be burning more fat, and working those muscles. Now from what I have been told, a few repetitions at a time and you are done, as you will really start working your body and it will continue to work, long after you put the Kettlebell down.  You get great metabolic burn.  The workout can be compared to shifting grocery bags from side to side or carrying your kids in your arms and shifting them from side to side, but one thing is certain it is real life like.  Your body is ever-changing with a center of gravity, so exercising with Kettlebells offers the same sensation, practical and real, right? That’s how a great work-out should be.

When you workout with a Kettlebell you will be doing swinging exercises.  The swinging exercise can be seen in this video.

These exercises will elevate your heart rate.  If you are looking to tone out your mid-section you will fall in love with the Kettlebell Workouts, or so I am told.  While you are not really isolating your abs, you are working the core and there is cardio involved, so between the movements you are going to tone up that midsection.

As for Kenny when you go in, he is a world of knowledge!

kettlebells, G&G Fitness, workout, healthy lifestyle, moms, weight, lose weight, muscle, mass, burn fat, few minutes a day, dana vento, pittsburgh, mcknight road, cranberry township,, kenny


Will these work? Will I see my mid-section change up? I wonder if I will be able to balance the Kettlebells and make them work right? Over the next few months I will show you the transition of my body from start to finish as I Kettlebell it! I have my own personal challenges set so let’s see if it works.  I will have much more information for you on Kettlebells, but this is ground zero for me, so let’s Lavishly live life out loud and let’s see if my healthy new exercise will have an impact.
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