The grills are summer’s best friend and when I smell a BBQ I also wonder what veggies they have on the grill? One of my favorite foods on a grill is a Portabella Mushroom.  The mushroom is  a very versatile food and it is a wonderful meat replacement for a burger! You can coat a Portabella with BBQ Sauce, Marinara, Balsamic, or you can stuff it with Crab, top with a rub and so much more, it is just very versatile and super easy to cook! Lavishly living out loud with a vegetarian food is easy when you eat portabella mushrooms as though they were a filet mignon.

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One item that I learned at a cooking session I recently attended with top chefs from the area was to peel the skin of the mushroom.  IF you peel the skin of the mushroom it actually will assist you in the cooking process.   To make a Portabella more ‘meaty’ you simply add more raw veggies to the cooked product to get that crunch and that filling sensation!  I stack a bbq’d Portabella with sliced red onion, red pepper strips, artisan lettuce, and fresh avocado all which make one Mean Meatless Burger.  I love the taste combination and it is very satisfying without the ‘fat’  of meat!

Have you ever tried a Portabella Mushroom, grilled with sea salt and olive oil and then topped with salsa and fresh corn? It is really a bit of heaven, but don’t forget the onion!

I actually have Pinned a bunch of Portabella recipes for you, because it is grilling season and Portabellas are a better price than meat! I also believe that if you are having guests over, you need to please everyone, not just the people who eat meat!  We have been to parties before where no one thinks about the person who does not eat meat or fish and you are left with no food, but the condiments, and that is not a fun party! I make sure to remember all the small things because small things make the difference from having a good party to a great party! Lavishly live out loud and enjoy mushrooms, portabella mushrooms as though they were a food that was meat!.





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