3 Downright Delicious Bayou Country Lunch Destinations. Savory

Girlfriend trips are best celebrated through adventure and celebrated eats! While touring through Bayou Country, I ate like a local and you can too! 

Try 3 Bayou Country Lunch Destinations. 

My journey began the moment I stepped foot off the plane in Louisiana and traveled throughout Houma (Bayou Country) until the moment I boarded my plane back to Pittsburgh

Bayou Country Lunch Destinations Shrimp Rangoon

When you touchdown in Bayou Country, you want to be prepared, so planning ahead for lunch will help. Use my 3 downright delicious Bayou Country lunch destinations to savor the flavor of the area. 

Epic Food Journey From Ocean To Table To Belly! Houma Me with Foodie Love 

Greeted by my girlfriend Joni, at the NOLO Airport, it was time to learn about Bayou Country. In order to get to know the area, you have to eat like a local so that’s how we kicked off our travel! 

From The NOLO Airport to Bayou Country Lunch Destinations

My trip was hosted, images and content are my own based on my travel throughout Bayou Country. 

Shrimp. Salad. Inside a Bayou Country Lunch Destinations restaurant.

We got in the car, and headed to Houma, with a short drive from the New Orleans airport.  Get ready for the freshest in seafood catches to lip-smacking, screen-licking, swoon-worthy eats at reasonable prices and awesome spots!  We are about to venture throughout 3 Bayou Country lunch destinations and you will want to try them all too! 

After any flight, hunger seems to settle in, and upon landing in NOLO my tank was running on empty!   Time to fill up on fresh, ingredient-driven eats to uncover downright delicious Bayou Country lunch destinations. 

bridge in Houma heading to 531 Liberty

Join me in this epic Bayou Country lunch destinations food journey over 3 days to those hidden eateries you want to enjoy but don’t know where to find!

Fact: Locally Sourced Ingredients Or You Won’t Be A Bayou Country Lunch Destination for Long! 

Bayou Country locals won’t support the local eateries if anything is really not made from scratch. That is what makes the restaurants, eateries, snack stops authentic and ‘famous’ in Bayou Country. 

In fact, I heard a story about a local exposing another local restaurant for using non-locally sourced food and they are no longer a restaurant. There’s pride and support for one another in Bayou Country and we, the traveling tourists benefit from the truth in local sourcing!

No. 1  of 3 Bayou Country Lunch Destinations: 531 Liberty   

Arriving at a very basic exterior building, we used street parking and then walked about 50 steps to the address of 531 Liberty Street in Houma. The smell of made-fresh eats was wafting right out the door and harnessing our olfactory with each step!

531 Liberty Interior Houma - eating space

We sat wherever we wanted, which of course was RIGHT in the middle of it all. There’s a service counter with a few chairs, which opens up into the kitchen.  While you can’t really see the kitchen you do see everyone hustling!

Big blackboards share the menu specials and drinks. Who eats here? The locals eat here as do those that work at the hospital which is very close in proximity. 

Tip for Dining: Bayou Country Lunch Destinations

 Go before Noon to get seating because it does GET BUSY! Knowing this also translates to “it’s delicious!”

Bayou Country Lunch Destinations: The Menu 

531 Liberty Menu. Bayou Country Lunch Destinations.

Let’s Start With Appetizers Bayou Country Style. 

We picked Edamame Hummus with Hot Pita pieces as well as Sweet Potato Rangoon. 

Sweet Potato Rangoon served with a sweet chili sauce was the first item delivered to our table.  The taste is, ‘Off The Charts’ insane! I have never had a mashed-up sweet potato with cream cheese. 

Sweet Potato Rangoon Bayou Country Lunch Destinations

Well-preserved ingredients inside the won ton wrapper, which was fried but not fried tasting (that means they keep their fryer oil nice and fresh!) Smartly paired with the sweet chili sauce this was awesome! 

Edamame Hummus: Part of Bayou Country Lunch Destinations Great Eats! 

Edamame Hummus Bayou Country Lunch DestinationsPita bites with Edamame Hummus, could this get any better? Vegetarian delight, with foods I eat at home, but NEVER see on menus when I go out. Edamame. One of my favorite proteins!

I referred to this as a ‘peck at’ platter if you get me.  You peck at a piece, go back for more, and keep doing it till it’s demolished. Yum!

Downright Delicious Shrimp BLT without the B. 

downright delicious BLT Shrimp without the B

Shrimp BLT Salad without the Bacon looks yummy to me.

So here we go, fresh-catch seafood in my bowl, POPPIN’ with flavor. Totally foodgasmic fresh and tasty! 

531 Liberty Shrimp - Bayou Country Lunch Destinations. Eat Like A Local

Bayou Country Lunch Destinations: Bacon Jam Burger at 531 Liberty Grille

My friend Joni does eat meat, and she loved this bacon jam burger. Look at it, how could burger lovers not love this. A king’s portion of food! 

Holy burger heaven! Check out the Bacon Jam Burger with nuesky bacon jam, roasted garlic mayo, and cheddar cheese!  This BURGER is mammoth!

bacon jam burger, caprese salad + a wrap sandwich at Bayou Country Lunch Destinations



Do you see how the food is just screaming fresh? What about the portions? Yes, I get why the locals flock here. This is just one of 3 Bayou Country lunch destinations we are indulging in! Keep reading! 

Needless to say, come hungry and you won’t leave any other way than filling up! The first dining experience in Houma gets an A+++++ and yes I can use that many pluses it’s my website, who cares what the dictionary says, lol!

bacon jam burger Bayou Country Lunch Destinations

Bayou Country Lunch Destinations. No. 2 

An adrenaline-pumping morning had already taken place. I spent time with Mr. Tim at Greenwood Gator Farm, so you already might have an idea of the excitement that I experienced. Holding a gator, seeing them face to face, and watching Mr. Tim interact with the gators, just made my belly stir with ….Hunger!

parking at Castellano's in Bayou Country - Bayou Country Lunch Destinations

We arrived at this lovely-looking eatery, complete with a front patio for seating and a drive-through? Parking? Well, if you can’t hang with the big boys, don’t go to Houma. Joni nestled our car right on the grass hill like she was driving an F250 and meant business, then we headed

Park, wherever you can y’all you are in Bayou Country and these local places, are well-supported! Arriving and Eating Just Like the Locals Right? 

Bayou Country Lunch Destinations are awesome:  Castellano’s Deli & Catering.

Castellanos outsideIn fact, this deli has 2 locations and an event hall. We were at the West Park Avenue location, just in case you want to go where I was (yeah you do!).

What To Eat? 

Castellano's Deli Eats in Bayou Country Lunch Destinations

There’s no shortage of options for vegetarians, or meat-eaters so just look at the menu and figure it out! Do know that the potato chips are made in-house are should be your side, if I might be so bold as to suggest.

I ordered a Caesar Shrimp Wrap with Chips and Joni ordered the Chicken Caesar Wrap with Chips. Then we got 2 Sweet Teas and refilled them before we left.

Castellano's Food in Bayou Country Caesar Shrimp Wrap with Chips

Thank God for Air Conditioning. Bayou Country Lunch Destinations

I don’t know how y’all do it with the heat, I mean function. It was warm, at least warmer than this East Coast girl is used to. We get humidity during the summer, but it leaves. Temperatures of 80-90° are reserved for the summer months, but it seems the calendar does not move in Louisiana nor does it predict the weather.

WOWZA to heat, thus the reason we ate inside. Loved it but in small doses!   


Inside Castellano's Deli: Bayou Country Lunch Destinations

So the menu is quite extensive and there is plenty of seating, with inside eating so, I’ll be back to see them again when I return!

No 3: Bayou Country Lunch Destinations.

Dominique’s Wine Boutique & Bistro 

 Authentic, Artisan Prepared Eats in a truly ambiance-driven eatery. Feed your soul, fill your tummy, and relax, because Bayou Country lunch destinations truly offer endless options for dining. We were just getting started, LOL! My pick of the week is this restaurant. Authentic, on the water, and excellent food are just a tad of the story. 

Bayou Country Restaurant - Dominque's Bistro

Not being partial or bias, but this luncheon date won my heart. Remember, I am a wine gal, and from the name to the ambiance to the General Manager who let us sneak in even though we ran late, it’s an ‘All In’ foodie destination.

We were literally far away from here, and they close at 2, but the General Manager was so nice, he was welcoming as was his staff. Thank you all! 

Dominique's Bistro in Bayou Country exterior

We had been miles beyond the Chauvin Sculpture Garden, watching shrimping vessels and visiting other places I will share in other travel posts, thus, we were not close to Dominique’s.

Our travels today were the historical and cultural part of the adventure. Since we were dressed up for the occasion we were set to dine at Dominique’s Bistro! 

Inside where it’s cool! 

As soon as we pulled into the parking area, I knew we had found a ‘Dana Haven’. The historic, yet classic look of the exterior and the name of the restaurant already had me! 

Bayou Country Dominique's Bistro entrance: Bayou Country Lunch Destinations

We were literally right on the water, and when I opened the doors… Yes, wines were displayed, brick walls so earthy looking and yet balanced by an open concept kitchen and a huge bar.

Look at that bar area, does it not just captivate you to sit, sip, and repeat. But… as with all good things, I am always running to catch up, so we settled at a table (this is not a bad thing!)

Domonique's Bistro Bayou Country Lunch Destinations Bar Area

But, it’s not just that, look at how quaint, fashionable, boutique, and ‘cool’ this interior is. Kind of like the interior we all want in our homes, but just can never get it there, they got IT!

It’s soft and welcoming with an upscale vibe. Perfect for a luncheon date, a meeting, or a place to just savor the moment.

Of All the Bayou Country Lunch Destinations this one was my fave

Interior of Dominique's Bayou Country Lunch Destinations

Cheers To Vino 

Ready for some Sip Sip Hooray? 

Dominique's Bayou Country

Properly addressing the timing of the day, I snugged up to the wine choices and selected a Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand wine. Light, dry, and perfect for what I was about to order.

Before I share my plate choices, let’s pay proper respect to this lovely glass of Sauvignon Blanc, shall we? You might see that the brick walls, combined with a lovely shade of light green are tastefully done. Rustic and contemporary, with an old Italian feel, and the look is just as stunning as the food, trust me, go here or you are missing the experience of Houma!

Beyond the Wine at my No.3 Bayou Country Lunch Destinations visits! 

The vegetarian in me got so excited to see one of my favorite combinations and truly decadent offerings: The Caprese Stack. Again, I create this at home, it never looks as elegant but it is how I eat, and here I am miles away from Pittsburgh and I have struck gold!

Caprese Salad Dominique's Bistro

Tomato, fresh mozzarella, avocado, balsamic, and pesto, accompanied by a few pieces of french bread to dip, and clean up the plate (after all who would leave any of this behind? It’s striking in appearance and meticulously plated.

My bet, even if you did not like this combination you would be tempted to go ‘fork-in’, it’s that pretty right? Now let me take a sip of wine and then a bite and before you know it, it’s death to the Caprese Stack.

Dominiques Bistro Houma


Cast Iron Makes It Better

Inside Dominique's Bistro

Joni ordered Cast Iron Baked Rolls. She told me, these are to ‘die for’ and she was not kidding. While the presentation adds to the lovely inhabitants of the iron skillet, the taste is serious, for lack of a better word, ‘Yum!’

Dominique's Bistro Houma cast iron rolls

The rolls are baked in cast iron with a mix of Parmesan and sun-dried tomato butter. Eating one is heaven and eating 2 is like committing a sin without feeling bad! Really, look at this bread up close, it’s just crazy to taste and see, and really a taste of the South! IMO!

Dominique's Bistro Bread

Encore To Fabulous ~ Is that even possible? 

Bayou Country Lunch Destinations. Five Cheese Tortellini with, gulf shrimp, mushrooms, tomatoes, truffle cream sauce

How do you round out a Swamp Chic Girlfriend luncheon date?  For me, it was a Five Cheese Tortellini with, gulf shrimp, mushrooms, tomatoes, truffle cream sauce.  The tortellini was the perfect cradle for the sauce and the shrimp just popped with juiciness.

All fresh and the sauce clung to each tortellini and shrimp. It’s an ‘All-In’ kind of entree.  It’s those large pieces of shaved Parmesan that I really like and the shrimp, oh the shrimp.  Right off the boat, onto the grill, that’s the best way to say it!

Five Cheese Tortellini with, gulf shrimp, mushrooms, tomatoes, truffle cream sauce

A Girls Luncheon Burger Fit For A Queen: Bayou Country Lunch Destinations 

Joni’s choice of a Smoked Gouda burger with a side of bacon balsamic Brussel sprouts stole the show. Smoked Gouda, caramelized onions, and bacon with a sesame seed bun came to the table on a vintage paper-lined stainless steel tray.

Smoked Gouda burger with a side of bacon balsamic Brussel sprouts

They are not messing around with portions and it was a ‘fun side’ of this atmosphere. It’s not stuffy and pretentious, but fun, and different. I loved how this came out and it was totally unexpected.

About Bayou Country Lunch Destinations: In case You Didn’t Notice This Throughout

  • You might have seen me interplay the words, ‘Bayou Country’ and ‘Houma.’ Because Houma is also affectionately known as Bayou Country, so consider them on in the same.
  • Second, if you see the word shrimp, crab, made ‘in-house’ know that everything is genuine and authentic.
  • The claim to fame in any AUTHENTIC restaurant in Houma is that the ingredients are not ‘trucked’ in by food purveyors like USA Foods, rather all sourced locally.
  • What you won’t expect to find for food offerings are the ones that will deceive you and thrill you!
  • I know, because we ate at a few of them, and they were just, ‘WOW!’

Feed Your Soul with 3 Downright Delicious Bayou Country lunch destinations 

Savory & tempting and some of the finest dining in Houma, are the essence of Bayou Country.  As you can see, our Swamp Chic travels were all over the area and met with a different style of eatery each day.

Diverse in choice,  as well as affordable, these local eateries all are culinary savvy and chic. When in Houma in search of fresh and ingredient-driven places to dine, use this as a map to fill your belly!

Indulge. Make Houma Happen. Feed Your Soul and enjoy Bayou Country with a stop at each. ~ DANA XO

*Meals were provided, opinions are my own based on my dining experiences.