3 Reasons Fashion Shows Are Fun

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Whether you are a fashion shopping diva, or someone that has fashion challenges you really have to take in a fashion show.  Have you ever walked into your closet and just shook your head in disgust not knowing what to pair shoes up with or a particular shirt? Do you wonder what to match up with ankle crops, or how to best wear a denim jacket?  When you look through you closet do you see an over-bearing dominant color? Looking at clothing can be a challenge when you are not sure how to mix things up, wear them or make them look like ‘today’s’ fashion.  Sometimes the answer to your fashion woes is as simple as buying a few new staple pieces for your existing wardrobe and other times you just really need to toss it all and start over.  Lavishly live your closet woes out loud and read 3 reasons fashion shows are fun it might just help you clean up that closet. 

3 Reasons Fashion Shows Are Fun

Typically I will look in my closet and wonder where all those trendy shoes are and then I remember that they are sitting in the store, not my closet. Sigh! But it gets worse, I did not buy the shoes that are in the store because I had no idea how to work them into my wardrobe.

Rock The Shoes & Pants

This is precisely Reason 1 to attend a fashion show: Learn how to pair up the latest shoe styles with skirts, shirts and shorts, and see how to best rock the look.

There is nothing worse than wearing pants that are not from this ‘time’ because bell-bottoms are not flashing the word Fashionista at current and a crisp cuff is where it’s at.

Watching the runway offered me options for differing ‘trendy’ pant styles that were able to be translated to clothing in my closet and a few new purchases.  I also use fashion shows to show me how to collaborate shoes with pants so I don’t look like I got off the fashion reject truck.

 Match Up Outfits

I think I was living under a stone for a while not realizing how versatile a jean jacket was, but after attending a fabulous in-store fashion show I realized that a denim jacket could pull together an outfit where a shirt was just not enough and a cardigan or dress jacket was too much.

The Music

There is nothing more epic to me than fun music, coupled with fashion.  I feel alive, upbeat and like I can conquer the world because fashion and music are what bring the brilliance of ‘dressing’ together and fashion shows rock the music! Fashion shows are like being at a party with all of your best friends while providing you the chance to find the new you!

I love fashion shows and the better fashion shows I have visited have had fabulous hosts that rock fashion, accessories and give tidbits of advice.

3 reasons fashion shows are fun, fashion, macys, clothing, updates, style, shoes, in fashion, makeup, trending, consultation, free, fabulous, fast, in store

Ready for a great Fashion Show that is free, fast and fabulous with a bunch of other perks? Join in on the fun at Macy’s Ross Park Mall.

Macy’s Ross Park

Pittsburgh, PA

Saturday, April 30 at 2pm

Women’s Dept., 2nd Floor

Get ready to join Macy’s for a unique type of in-store fashion show where the runway is right in the retail area, the music rocks and after the show, you can enter for a chance to win* a style consultation with the hosts.

 It’s not hard to indulge in a Spring Fashion Show when it is right in the store, Macy’s has a great shopping party  that will help you celebrate spring fashion with suggestions of everything you will need to pull YOU together!

Do you need to find your inner-fashion self? Take the style quiz to discover your fashion fortune, and you’ll receive a $10 Macy’s gift card!*

Make a Women’s purchase of $75 or more, and you’ll receive a special gift displaying your fortune!**

Hungry because great music and runway fashion kick up your appetite ?Indulge in sweet treats like Boylan Bottling Cane Sugar Sodas, and enjoy that invorgorating music from the DJ.

Don’t forget to grab a mini makeovers that is provided by Clinique, and win great prizes at the wall of chance!

Are you ready to bring your wardrobe from drab to fab!  As an additional bonus to the in-store fashion show, you can meet with a MyStylist  to help you find the perfect look and gift for every occasion. It’s fun, fast, and free! (think Grads, Dads, Moms & Self) – we all need our treats.

The Macy’s Fashion Show is subject to change or cancellation. *No purchase necessary to enter or to win. **While supplies last and time permits.

The entire Fashion show if fun, fast and free and it is right in the store, so you can take the inspiration and shop afterwards, at least that is what I do!

Pull your wardrobe together, see what matches, what is trending and say good-bye to those old dungarees, it’s time to rock the fashion and savor in 3 Reasons Fashion Shows Are Fun! See you at the show ~ Dana