4 Functions To Quickly Locate In Every New Car You Drive

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Have you ever had a rental car? Or maybe you borrowed a friend’s car for a few days?

Anyone that has ever been in a car that is not their own knows that it can be rather confusing and overwhelming unless you get ahead of the driving storm fast.

Getting a new set of wheels to drive is exciting, but it can also lead to complications if you do not know where everything that you may need is located.

Frustration can lead you to take your eyes off the road, and that can lead to dangerous conditions behind the wheel.

Lavishly live driving out loud and learn what 4 functions to quickly locate in every new car you drive so each experience is fantastic.

4 Functions To Quickly Locate In Every New Car You Drive

You might be test driving at a car dealership, borrowing a car from a friend or family, or even renting a car for vacation.

Learn these 4 functions to quickly locate in the car you are driving.


Imagine getting behind the wheel of a rental car and it starts to rain.

Do you know where the windshield wipers are and how they work?

Don’t drive the car until you can make them work from intermittent to fast in order to avoid windows that are not clear and traffic incidents.

You don’t want to be the person driving and holding down the lever to make the windshield wipers wipe each time you need them to clear the rain.


As you drive the car you will need gas but do you know which side the gas tank is on?

It is better to look and learn before you drive into the gas pump and wait on the wrong side of the car.

How does the gas tank open? Is there a button on the inside of the car to unlock the tank?

Do you need to push the gas cover in? Do you need to hear two clicks in order to make sure the gas tank is closed?

You need to know all of this about the gas tank before you drive that new car.


Cold mornings or lots of people in the car can bring about some of the worst fog windows you have ever wrangled.

Locate the defrost button and try out the fans to see how to increase and decrease them.


Trunks can be tricky anymore, some of them open with a FOB, some open by walking up to them after unlocking the vehicle, while others need to be triggered by an inside button.

Do you know how your trunk works? Simply look on the inside of the vehicle, either on the floor or on the driver’s panel to see if there is a trunk release.

If you are in Drive most cars will not allow trunk release to activate, so make sure you are in Park.

Does your FOB have a trunk release on it? Are there buttons under the handle on the trunk that allows an unlocked car to open?

Now that you have learned the 4 Functions To Quickly Locate In Every New Car You Drive it’s time to head out and test drive a car at a car dealership or rent a car so you can put these great tips to use.