4 Ways To Prep Your Vehicle For Spring

Spring is here, and it might be the time to get your cleaning essentials out and spend some time getting your home all fresh again, and your vehicle too.

Break out the vacuum, and round up some trash bags, but that’s just the beginning.
Winter weather has put a beating on the exterior and interior of your vehicle. It needs to be cleaned up.

Do you know what to do first? Before you start your car, truck and SUV care for Spring, be sure to read 4 ways to prep your vehicle for spring tips.

For those of you in Jenkintown, PA., you’ve just come through a brutal winter season.

Since you border Delaware River, you typically have even harsher winters than most!

It’s time to clean those vehicles up! From Doylestown to Hatboro, and Warminster get out those hoses and let’s start the process!

Everything you need to know from washing to tires, I’ve got you covered.

In fact, prepping your car, truck or SUV for spring can actually help you enjoy those vacations and road trips without any hitches!

4 Ways To Prep Your Vehicle For Spring

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We use our vehicles every day, but often they are last on the ‘to-do’ list when it comes to cleaning up.

All of those wrappers, water bottles, and miscellaneous junk, just take away from your vehicle’s appearance.

Salt from harsh winter weather eats away at your vehicle’s polish and of course, the interior has suffered some serious messes.

Slush, ice, tracked in snow, all have attacked your mats and carpeting, it’s time for a fast overhaul.

Tire Check and Prep

The tires of your vehicle are the hardest hit during the winter, and that’s exactly why they need most of your attention during the spring!

First, make sure your tires are filled up to the recommended air pressure.

While this may sound surprising, this prep can actually help you save money on gas.

Next, give the tires a thorough check to the exterior of the tire, because the cold and ice can really take a toll on them.

Don’t wait until you have a flat to fill them up.

Rotate the tires regularly and check if they are too worn out and need to be replaced.

It also makes sense to get yourself some all-season tires, so that you don’t have to worry about them in any season!

Driving in rainy weather that we get during the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons is just as hazardous as snow.

Make sure to have tires that have plenty of treads to face the road ahead.

Get it Squeaky Clean

This one’s an absolute no-brainer.

Treating your vehicle to a nice, complete wash can really prep it up for the spring.

What’s more, with winters being extra harsh on your vehicle, and the freezing temperatures and salt causing damage to your truck or car’s paint.

Getting a deep clean as soon as spring arrives is a must.

Plus, this also helps prevent the buildup of salt on the undercarriage of your car, and also tackle rust.

It makes sense to have the interior of your car or truck cleaned as well- opt for a car wash that does both for you!

Battery Check

Your vehicle’s battery tends to get extra exhausted during the winters, and that’s exactly why you need to give it a nice check post winter to ensure that it is at its optimum condition and ready for your spring trips.

Head over to a parts shop that offers free battery inspections, and get your battery checked there.

If your battery is running low, you can get it recharged, so that you aren’t left stranded with a dead battery.

If your battery is older than 4 years, you might want to consider getting it replaced.

Wiper & Fluid Change

Your windshield wipers are again, more susceptible to damage during the winters- thanks to all the snow.

Post winter, make sure you check them and if possible, replace them (to prep up for the monsoon too)- they’re pretty inexpensive and simple to do- you can even do it yourself.

Also, remember to have your car’s windshield wiper fluid topped off- it tends to get emptied faster in the winter.

You might also want to consider opting for windshield treatments that help repel rain and water.

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