5 Tricks That Make Laundry Day Easier

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laundry day tips

If there were 5 tricks that made laundry day easier, would you try them?

Have you ever heard the statement, “you learn by doing?” I heard that phrase when I was growing up, over and over and while I hated those words, I have learned they are the most profound words you can pass to your children.

My firm belief is if the kids help out with some tasks around the house, they will have a better sense of what they will be doing in the future and an appreciation for why Moms never sit still.

“You learn by doing” clearly defines the meaning of chores.

Working together is part of being a family and contributing to things that need done around the house, helps to get larger tasks completed in less time.

My 5 tricks that make laundry day easier are certain to help you spend less time in the laundry room and gain a little help along the way.

Laundry accumulates so quickly around the house, that sometimes I feel I can’t even keep up with it. I do have some laundry -helpers-in-training and while they don’t actually DO the laundry, they sure do cut my time in the laundry room in half.

My kids use my 5 Tricks that make laundry day easier and while they are contributing and doing a chore it is not unbearable for any of us, rather it is a very easy division of work. These are tips and tricks s to help your kids help with the laundry will makes the doing laundry a lot easier on you. The bonus of this help is that the kids get to experience the laundry process without actually doing the wash.

1. First the kids gather all the laundry and bring it to to the laundry room.

2. Second they grab the hockey bags, because this stuff has its own brand of nasty stink that has to be tackled. Remember to plug your nose because it is awful to inhale. (true hockey mom here)

laundry day tips

3. Now that all the laundry has been gathered it is time to dump it all out, and they love dumping, so away they go.

laundry day tips

4. It’s now time for sorting all of that collected laundry and this is where I gain the most time. While everyone has their own method, this simple sorting process in my house allows me to later subdivide if necessary.

  • Divide the laundry into piles, Darks, Whites, Towels and an optional 4th pile of Sports Clothes (or of course mix those into the appropriate color pile, really a personal preference thing)

laundry day tips

This method gets the bulk of the loads sorted and done quickly so I can just walk into the laundry room and drop the clothes in the washer without much attention to the process. Later I might tweak the piles by placing white towels with white clothing, and I might pull all undergarments and place them into their own cycle of Delicate, but again, all of this is personal preference.

laundry day tips

5. Finally, the kids inside out all socks that they have just pulled off their feet and tossed into the laundry baskets during the week when they were rushing to get done. Turning the socks inside out allows the foot of the sock to really get washed rather than being on the inside. Once the sock is inside-outed they put it into the proper pile of either dark or white.

Now a few things you need to know to get those dirty clothing pieces clean, whether you are trying to safely whiten whites, brighten colors or attach the hidden body oils and sweat that gets trapped deep inside the fibers of your clothing.

Locate Wisk in your favorite local retailer.

laundry day tips

We use Wisk Deep Clean® OXI Complete® to clean those dirty hockey clothing because Wisk Deep Clean® goes beyond surface stains from the ice, being knelt on with knees (the clothing) and fighting the toughest stains with Ring Around the Collar® that accumulates from dirts and oils on neck guards in hockey.

The neck guards get so darn clean, try cleaning the hockey neck guards your kids have, Don’t Just Wash It, Wisk It. The white HOME jerseys are loaded with stink and body oils, but they are no match for Wisk Deep Clean® as it attacks those nasty odors deep down — this hockey Mamma has her own way to shoot and score!

Sports Moms, take note:

  • In an average wash load, the ratio of hidden body oils and sweat to visible stains is 20 to 1. Think of all the grime you have been missing when you wash! Don’t let those dirty clothes touch your kids again!

This year is Wisk’s 60th Anniversary (1956-2016) and a perfect reason for you to see why the brand has been around so darn long, are you ready to get the Wisk Deep Clean®? We have used Wisk for a long time in our home and there is a reason that is has been around for 60 years, because it offers a powerful great clean that matches today’s dirtiest clothing!

I was happy to find that the brand offered liquid detergent for my ‘he‘ washing machine. Wisk Deep Clean® OXI Complete® delivers the same powerful deep clean, but is specially formulated for high efficiency machines and since we just got a new washer I just got a new bottle of Wisk Deep Clean® so I never miss a beat with laundry!

What are you tricks for the cleanest day of the week?