6 Tips For Staying Healthy During The Summer

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The lazy, hazy dog days of summer are here. It’s months of sun, heat, and fun-filled days before the seasons swipe away the grandeur of the season. Endless summer fun, beach days, simple ponytail hair, flip-flop walking, lazy, hazy days are disappearing fast.

Use These 6 Tips For Staying Healthy During The Summer 

Outside seating staying healthy during the summerWe are somewhere between the I am sick of the summertime heat and the “please don’t let summer end phase.” Most live in the middle of this feeling. No matter where you fall on the scale of summer love, it’s true you have to take care of yourself to enjoy summer’s best activities.

Don’t let summer pass on by before you try my 6 tips for staying healthy during the summer.

Staying healthy during the summer ~ It’s Not Hard! 

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Staying healthy during the summer ice cubes in fresh water The long, wondrous days of summer are excuses to stay outside longer, stay in the sun more and really just relax. Relaxation and all that time outdoors brings on the need for 6 tips for staying healthy during the summer.

I believe that these keep me safe from the sun and allow me to really indulge in all that this season of awesome has to deliver. See what you think.

Hydrate & Staying Healthy During The Summer

Hydrate. Whether you drink bottled water, tap water, or quench with sparkling water, just keep hydrated.

Water keeps a body healthy and keeps your systems all functioning.

Don’t forget to check out Nuun, it’s my new favorite hydration tab after a day of working in the yard or exercising!

Move and move some more: Staying healthy during the summer 

sunscreen, hat and glasses tips for staying healthy during the summer Many of us have exercise programs but we opt to give them up for the summer. Switch to a lighter program, or mix up what you do with more outdoor time like hiking, walking, biking, or riding the waves.

Whatever you do, don’t stop you have to keep on moving to stay healthy.

Those Tresses & Staying healthy during the summer. 

Tousled, sprayed with saltwater, and even chlorine, keep your locks all protected. Use the right shampoo after swimming in chlorine, wear a swim cap when you can and keep the hydrating conditioner close by.

Don’t use those saltwater sprays to make your hair curly because that dries out your hair as well! 

Tips for Staying Healthy During The Summer & Shielded From The Sun 

By all means, look at the blue skies, enjoy the water, and head outdoors, but keep your eyes shaded with eye-wear that protects your eyeballs from the sun. The sun is beautiful but it’s not great for eye exposure.

Grab some trendy and sunproof eyewear before you head outside and don’t forget about a hat for your head.

Stay Cool & Slather Up 

Don’t overheat, or stay in the sun too long and keep on drinking. Staying cool keeps you without a headache and heat exhaustion. High humidity and high temperatures can take a toll on your body.

Apply SPF of some degree and reapply if you are out in the sun a lot. As a survivor of skin cancer, and having carcinoma removed from my leg, slather up and go crazy on the sunscreen. The most important thing you can do for your skin when exposing it to the sun rays is to keep it coated with sunscreen.

Remember, not all sunscreens are equal, so find a good one and stick with it.

Vitamins & Supplements: More Tips for Staying Healthy During the Summer 

Staying Healthy During The Summer Iron Just for WomenAre you ready to add vitamins and supplements to your everyday life? Guess what, choose a quality brand that is as pure as nature intended.

Tips For Staying Healthy with Supplements and Vitamins. 

Ladies these are super supplements to check out! 

  •  Zinc Plus
  • Just Women’s Iron
  • Coenzyme B Complex
  • Melatonin
  • K2 MK7
  • Biotin

Where do you start when it comes to these supplements

 All Supplements for Superior Source staying healthy during the summer

These are the supplements to focus on right now! Don’t forget to talk to your medical provider before starting any new supplement or vitamin! 

The Brand I am familiar with and love isSuperior Source.

Superior Source Vitamins are MicroLingual® meaning “Under the Tongue Technology” and they work fast because they are quickly absorbed into the body, and dissolve in seconds.

Goodbye to pill swallowing. 

Here’s what you need to know:

  • No pills to swallow – dissolves in seconds
  • GMO-FREE and Sugar-FREE
  • 90% smaller than regular vitamins
  • No binders, fillers, dyes, or preservatives
  • Only 3 clean ingredients
  • Over 150+ vitamins to choose

Why Zinc Plus? 

Zinc Plus is an essential mineral and do you know that there are multiple systems and functions in your body?  

Just Women’s Iron

This is a really clean ‘superior source’ of iron. In fact, as women iron is super important in our bodies.  Ferrous fumarate will help to restore iron levels in your body when they are low. 

 What Role Does Coenzyme B Complex Play in Staying Health During The Summer 

Coenzyme B Complex offers nutrients that support energy production and optimal health.

Folate promotes the production and maintenance of new cells and supports nervous system health and energy metabolism.

The combination of Vitamin B-12, Vitamin B-6, and Folic Acid works synergistically to support healthy heart function and provide essential nutrients for the cardiovascular system.*

Sleep is also important for staying healthy during the summer

Maybe Melatonin? If your brain has a deficiency of melatonin because you travel a lot and have jet lag, or anxiety, well, consider this as an option and chat to your medical provider. 

In fact, Melatonin does act as a natural sleep aid for better slumber and helps to promote those better sleep cycles*

K2 MK7 

Did you know that Vitamin K supports normal blood clotting and the formation of prothrombin?*  Do see my note below.*


Staying healthy during the summer includes a lot of outside time, and you might be gardening and washing the car, windows, etc. Do you break your nails often? Are they weak? What about trying Biotin helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, promotes nail and hair strength, and supports cell growth.*

 Thanks for reading. Happy Summer .. DANA XO 

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