8 Very Effective Tip Jar Ideas

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It’s summer and of course, we are out and all over the place.

As we travel, we stop for ice cream, coffee, drinks, snacks and often times we receive really great service!

Reward great service with great gratuities.

After all, great service is what brings us back, so tipping says, “Thank You!”

Tipping is one of the most awkward areas for most.

Tipping is a ‘gray’ area for all of us.

It does not matter which side of the tipping you are on, there are no steadfast rules for every tipping scenario.

We all know basic gratuity rules are 20% of any bill for great service, what do you tip for a quick drive through stop for coffee or an ice cream shop?

Should we even tip? What about tour guides on trips?

Thoughts on tipping are changing. Now, according to USA Today, gratuities may be going out of style?

Here are 8 Very Effective Tip Jars Ideas for a fast DIY.

Tip Jar Knowledge

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For those of your working in an industry where you have to ask for a tip, it is always easier to be clever about this.

There’s more to acquiring a tip that just putting the words, “tips” on a jar!

Remember, Adventure. Eat. DIY. Repeat. means going out, having fun and remember to tip.

At the other end of every cocktail, food service, ice creamery, and curtain call is someone working hard to bring you a great moment!

It’s all about the money honey!

Tips, jobs and that Hustle!

Tip-driven jobs often translate to, “hustle harder” to earn more!

When you work hard, you need to be rewarded. Pay per hour in the tip-driven industry is so much less.

In order to pay those bills and earn, you smile, please and then hope it all translates to cold, hard cash! Right?

Of course, you are not putting a tip jar in a restaurant, but at a drive-through ice cream place, and bars these are the norm!

Make them catchy, and fill that bucket up! Read on to learn how.

8 Very Effective Tip Jars, tipping, money, ice cream, tip jars, tips, dana vento

So how does one go about creating a very effective tip jar? Tip jarsare everywhere, in fact, you probably see one each day, in all of your daily travels.

The thing is many of the jars don’t stand out, they just say, “Tips. ”

However, the ones that do stand out are those that are very effective tip jars.

In fact, this one thing makes you definitely want to scoop into your pockets and let that tip Jingle or Crinkle, whichever you prefer.

8 Very Effective Tip Jar Ideas Comes Into Being

8 Very Effective Tip Jars, tipping, money, ice cream, tip jars, tips, dana vento

The other day my son came home from his new job and he was perplexed because he did not have a tip cup like the others at his job.

It is his first official job! He is so excited because he is allowed to have his own personal tip cup for each shift he works.

See the kids don’t pay attention to all of this stuff when they are with Mom and Dad and being treated to things.

Suddenly, they are on the other side of the ‘window’ and they are now enlightened as to how the process of making money works.

Well, I guess that is part of the education of a job!

My son was trying to figure out how to make a tip cup and he asked me if I could help him.

This was something I had never done because my jobs were always in retail stores where ‘no tipping was allowed’ so this was a new challenge to me.

Of course, my first stop was to Pinterest of course because Pinterest always has the STUFF, but this time, there was nothing when I went to my go-to Pinterest.

Naturally, as a DIY Gal, all of this led me to think about how to help him create a tip cup that would help him gain money while being cool looking.

Taking On The Tip Bucket Challenge DIY

As my son presented his challenge to me, he explained that many of the tip cups had fun stuff on them.

Some of the examples: “Nursing School” or ‘Going To College‘ but that is not his gig, so brainstorming again.

The race is on to meet the challenge of making 8 very effective Tip Jars so he could choose which was his comfort level.

My daughter also needed a tip cup and I did not want to create one, so again, I hopped on in and helped.

My kids know I am a sucker for helping and I love these projects.

As a mom, I wanted to make it a fun project, that did not take tons of time.

Additionally, the tip cup needed to stand out from the others and yet be personal without being Bigger in size.

Not too easy to do, unless you figure out how to put your personality on that tip cup!

A Candid Discussion With The Ice Cream Shop Owner

I wanted to talk to the Owner, of local high-end ice creamery to see what all she has seen in the tipping industry, the challenges and the results of employees who get tipped.

8 Very Effective Tip Jars, tipping, money, ice cream, tip jars, tips, dana vento

“At our ice creamery, we encourage tipping. We find it entices our working teens to provide friendly, fast, and efficient service.

Providing a caring experience to our guests is a top priority since we so much sincerely appreciate them for choosing US to treat themselves!

They sometimes literally race to the window to get the customer.

This way it also instills a sense of budgeting.

They save their take-home check for college or cars etc, and just learn to spend the cash tips they get.”

The Difference In The Marketing Of A Tip Cup

The difference between a tip cup that just says TIPS versus a genuinely crafted tip cup can actually translate into hundreds of dollars.

If you see someone has put effort into the cup: “Sandy needs college books, Tony needs a new bike to keep getting here, etc” it is fun to see and you feel some connection between good service, gratuities and giving back.

Truly, people like people when they can uncover them without getting too personal.

In fact, more people are LIKELY to tip if they know a bit about you.

Not a generic ‘Tips Please’ that is just like a person holding a cup saying donate.

What you want to do is encourage someone to understand why they should part with the change or dollars in their hand and how their money is going to work!

That’s it! Brilliant right?

Rhyming tip cups or plays on words are all perfect, but each tip jar should be particular to the industry one is working in.

How do you create the most effective tip jars?

The most effective tips jars are those that are a bit decorated and offer more than the word “TIPS.”

You want to give me a reason to want to give you a tip, beyond that paper-cup!

Basic Tip Cups Suck so try my 8 very effective tip jars instead

Basic Tip cups suck, and don’t tug at my heartstrings to dig in and give, and in many cases that plain tip cup is like the service.

Now, think about the creative cans you have seen, buckets, cups, slogans, and asks, they match the person and the service right?

I think of Starbuck’s drive-thru on this example, it is just a cup with the word TIPS written on it, just as basic as all the same creations we ask for, nothing more than ordinary.

Tell me more!

Let me know where the tip is going(or where it was intended to go) and you feel more like giving that tip, right?

Help me help you, but not just because… give me a reason.

8 Very Effective Tip Jars, tipping, money, ice cream, tip jars, tips, dana vento

You took my order and handed it off to someone else.

It’s a process line, and I paid for the beverage and drove myself to the line.

The employee is inside, why do I need to tip this person? Give me a reason in this case?

How To Create 8 Very Effective Tip Jars

Step One was a trip to our local Target to grab some $1 tin pails.

These little pails are so cute and so perfect for tip buckets!

Don’t you think? Grab a tin pail here or a few (they do crush easily if you happen to drop it, sit on it in the seat of your car, etc.

Step Two was the creation of sayings that would be ‘asking’ without being ‘entitled’ or obnoxious, yet catchy enough to attract a read from someone.

Make it snappy, involve YOUR personality.

Step Three was simply to craft the sayings onto labels with cool looking font and print the labels.

After I printed the labels I simply put them on the pails. Easy right?

I think the biggest challenge you will face is yourself.

Do you have the ability to tell the world, what you need in a ‘cool’ yet practical way?

Tell people a little bit about your life and what you are doing, College, car savings, etc.

Let go of the pride, and let your life out just in a sentence.

No begging, just light information!

Keep reading, I will show you how.

8 Very effective tips jars and how Color Makes It Stand Out

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I suggest either the shiny tin pails or the colorful ones.

Why? Shiny is always an eye-attractor, while colorful tins can be matched with your personality.

Choose what makes you happy and what best suits the person you are.

Stickers ‘Seal the Deal’

Now, remember, you are going to need stickers as well.

Make sure to purchase the proper stickers that match your printer, laserjet, etc.

If you purchase square or rectangular, try to find one with a black frame outlining, to make your writing more focused on!
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Another great option is oval stickers.

They fit the pails so well and allow you to write enough without overwriting.

Remember, people will glance at this quickly and then gravitate. Not too wordy, please!

Words Matter effective Tip Jars

As I alluded to, he works at an ice cream store and I just thought about it over and over, and reasoned out that there had to be cool ways to ask for tips!

That was it, simply ingenious of me, “cool” was the first word that popped into my mind and of course, “Tips Are As Cool As Ice Cream” came into fruition!

8 Very Effective Tip Jars, tipping, money, ice cream, tip jars, tips, dana vento

My daughter is headed to school, so we came up with a few, like Ice Creamista’s College Bound 529, Ice Cream Barista’s 401K, and ‘Fear Change? Leave it here please’.

Of course, make sure to add on a ‘hand-written’ thanks’ for each person donating to your cause.

When the label gets a little worn, effortlessly print it with a new label.

Personalizing makes your cause real. Reality is what we all respond to.

The Winning Moment & our very effective Tip Jars

Yes, I work in marketing every single day, so does this formula that I am sharing work?

You tell me, ready?

The proof is in this little conversation I overheard at the grocery store so close to the ice creamery.

A customer began questioning the cashier as to where her tip cup was?

Stating, “it is a shame you all don’t get tip cups we just saw some really cute ones down the road.

We know that every time we give him our change, he is putting it towards a new bike to get to work.

Knowing our tips makes a difference makes a difference in getting to know all of you.

You think we are not interested because we are old, but we are.

As old as we are we still want to know you all.” (Yes, a winning moment, and I grinned!)

Make these tip cups personal, tell a story in a few words.

Simple. To the point. Natural. Telling.

All things that convey your need for that extra change or those ones you just handed over!

Make your case, clear, concise and honest.

8 Very Effective Tip Jars, tipping, money, ice cream, tip jars, tips, dana vento

Here are 8 Very Effective Tip Jars Sayings

1) Cold Cash is Like Cold Ice Cream, always perfect!

2) Tips Are As Cool As Ice Cream

3) Ice Cream Barista’s 401K

4) Ice Creamista’s College Bound 529

5) I’m Swirled With Excitement From Your Tip

6) Jingle Jingle Thanks For my Tip Can Tingle

7) College Fund

8) Tipping is Cool Like Ice Cream

8 Very Effective Tip Jars, tipping, money, ice cream, tip jars, tips, dana vento

It’s so very easy to create 8 Very Effective Tip Jars.

Grab your labels, and those little tin pails that you see in all the dollar bins and get ready to start earning tips.

Lavishly live life out loud, celebrating the tips you are earning.

Create one of these 8 very effective tips cups of a variation thereof!

Get ready for that jingle. Good luck! ~ Dana Xo

Disclosure ~ If a purchase is made using one of the affiliate links on this website we may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you!