Adventures Of Pittsburgh Frugal Mom With Nutrisystem

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After about four weeks of using the Nutrisystem Program, I have come to the decisive conclusion that as humans we consume way more food than our bodies need, our portions are super-sized before we ever super-size them and in general we are gluttons for punishment without even realizing it.  Twenty pounds is ridiculously hard to lose, and I am battling and will continue to persevere but I am taking note of anything that can potentially get in my way and what I am finding is something I have to share with all of you!

Over the last 4 weeks, I have learned that even with the previous weight I lost, was just the beginning of what needed to change. I was not educated on the best ways to drop the weight or how to be successful doing so. I have used several programs before, and none of them were really as dead-on as this program. As a person who consumes NO MEAT, I already have the pendulum weighing in my favor, but that is just a start, it is hardly the path that will make you lose it all.

The overriding premises for Nutrisystem is portion, portion control and portion! Yes I did repeat myself. Take a look at your plate, now take the food on your plate and change it to a sandwich plate. Does it fit or is the small plate brimming with food? Is your plate loaded with meat? Fries? Starches? How many veggies are on it? Do you eat during the day? If you eat during the day do you knock-out a box of Cheez-Its and then call it a day or do you eat nutritionally sane, portions during the day of foods that meet the food groups and keep your sugar from dipping?

I was out at a restaurant with my kids the other day. I ordered a salad as I always have, but I looked at how they served the salad, and noted that the salad was portioned properly, it came with only a small breadstick, and offered a few cups of lettuce, no cheese, and plenty of other veggies. The dressing was in a small measured container and there was no salt and pepper.

Conversely, my kids ordered burger platters as well as Mexican platters and what I saw made me sick. I sat and explained to them what is wrong with going out to eat. While it is a treat, and in fact not the norm for most due to expenses, it actually harms their waistlines and sets them up for future weight problems. The plates offered fries that spanned the plate, and burgers that were double the size of a light bulb(the portion that is correct) and we had not even ordered the super-size. There were no veggies unless you counted the onion, lettuce and tomato, but the burgers had cheese and buns that were huge. Starches, carbs, and fried grease, a mess.

Ordering greasy meals, saturated with fats, butters, and grease that our bodies don’t actually process and then topping it off with a super-sized version we are actually killing ourselves, slowly but surely and setting record-breaking weights that should not be happening.  Oh, it’s fine to eat a little bit of ‘junk’ here and there, and yes, hunger is horrible, but if you eat small, frequent meals that are balanced, and portion controlled, your stomach will respond and so will your waistline.  I am hardly perfect and I have my days where I eat something I should not, but I don’t want to end up with a heart attack or more weight on me than should be.  Uncovering the person that I am is happening day-by-day as I shed that unwanted weight by practicing, PORTION CONTROL.  You have to really want to change to win the fight against the scale, but I simply won’t accept the person that looks at me in the mirror, because she was never a quitter, and she always won her way back, and I am on that path of control, so to me portions make sense.

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