ALDI Cookies Versus Girl Scout Cookies

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There is one thing I will never settle for, just one company having a monopoly on the market. There are shops of all sorts out there and if you seek a product, you shall find it.  My question is to you, how much do you really want to pay to lavishly live food out loud? What is a cookie worth to you? 

The infamous season of Girl Scout Cookies is upon us, and sometimes at the end of the season, we are sad because we should have bought more than we did. I also happen to have my own personal favorite cookie, Samoa.  What if I could show you a cookie that was, by all means, the same, and cost so much less. Even better, what if you could buy your favorite ‘girl scout-like’ cookie year-round rather than just hoarding them up at one time?

Today, lavishly live life out loud with what I can share with you on a product I have found at ALDI’s versus Girls  Scout Cookies.

ALDI Cookies Versus Girl Scout Cookies

I have absolutely no affiliation with ALDI, in fact, I am really not a fan of the store. While ALDI is a grocery solution for many, I feel the store lacks in so many respects, that it is not on my radar, sorry. Additionally, so many of the products have allergens in them, that it makes shopping there difficult. That said..once years ago, I did shop there. When I did, this is what I learned, that a really good cookies is sitting on the shelf, and it is so much less than the fundraising cookies you buy from Girl Scout Troops once a year. (Disclaimer)

Please know that I realize a lot of girls are Girl Scouts and I appreciate the troops and the great girls they help create. If everyone would just buy a pack or two that would be great. But, let’s be serious, the price of these cookies, the packaging, and the seasonal provision just don’t make it always feasible for the everyday consumer to purchase and enjoy these cookies. I am by no means suggesting that people not support the Girl Scout Troops, however, I am offering a viable alternative to a really great cookie.

Let’s face it today’s economy is not fair to everyone, and the prices of consumables are sky-rocketing.  Here’s where I can help you out:  I love to shop, and I shop to live, I am passionate about my work, I am successful at what I do because my passion has evolved into creativity and the heartbeat of my finds.

When I stumble into things that just are a great way to embellish or enhance how I live I share it, plain and simple, and that is how I lavishly live my life out loud.

Samoa has met its match! 

I have without a doubt stumbled upon the closest tasting cookie to a Girl Scout Samoa as you will ever come, in fact, the taste, the crunch, the overall cookie is much better tasting.  The price line is lavish, exciting and lets you pretty much buy 2 boxes for every one box you would have bought from the Girl Scouts. Let’s take a look at ALDI Cookies versus Girl Scout Cookies.

Benton’s Caramel Coconut Fudge Cookies – Not A Samoa

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Here is what I truly believe these cookies taste like. Remember, I won’t just talk about a product if I have not tested it, and really believe in it.  I believe these cookies kick any other brand, out the door and I have no idea why more people don’t know about these cookies from ALDI.

The Aldi Cookie is about $2 a pack. The cookie has a nice crunch, and the chocolate is done perfectly.  Sometimes if I want to get real fun(lol) I crush these up and place them in a Smoothie, and other times I just sit and eat them with tea, I mean after all a girl has to have her chocolate and caramel.

These sure are delicious if you place them in the center of a Brookie, and if you pull them into pieces the caramel just looks delectable. Well, you can watch my video and enjoy them vicariously or you can lavishly live life out loud and be a true foodie, stop at ALDI and buy your own. Perform your own dunk-a-lunk taste test like we did, and see how they stack up. Make sure you buy at least 3 packs, so you can eat one pack, freeze one pack and hide one from the kids!

These are my own opinions, ALDI did not compensate me for this video or this article. I am lavishly living life and food out loud and sharing it with you.