All Inclusive Resorts

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How many times have you thought you got something you did not when you bought it? The same trials and tribulations apply to travel.  My best advice is to read all the fine print before you commit, learn and then sign.  There’s nothing like arriving at a destination and finding out that so much of what you thought was included is not.  

While some of the items I am about to share with you may seem like common travel knowledge, if you have never traveled with an all-inclusive package you just might assume that the words ‘all inclusive’ sum it up.  Traveler beware, there’s nothing all-inclusive when you travel because something is always not inclusive! Lavishly live travel out loud and read on and begin understanding all-inclusive resorts.

All Inclusive Resorts

An all-inclusive resort provides guests with a somewhat complete vacation package. This typically includes accommodations, basic entertainment options, tips and all of your meals.   Every resort is different. That being said, it’s imperative to find out exactly what you’re paying for before you make a final destination decision. It’s also advisable to “shop around,” to find the best value.

Background On All Inclusive Resorts

The first all-inclusive resort opened its doors in 1950, on the Spanish island of Majorca. Club Med was conceived by water polo champion Gérard Blitz, who decided set up multiple affordable tents… yes, tents. This new way of vacationing went over quite well and the rest is all-inclusive history.

Travelers & All Inclusive

More and more travelers are opting for all-inclusive resorts than ever before. Families with teens , those who like their beverages, and for large families, all inclusive is the ticket to a marvelous vacation.  However, prior to booking one of these stays, don’t be afraid to contact the property directly, to clarify any details you’re not sure of. The resort may be able to provide you with a complete list of “chargeable items” beforehand, which will make it much easier to narrow down your choices.

General Items Not Included

Here are some of the things that generally aren’t included in an all-inclusive package. It’s a good idea to keep them in mind when determining your vacation budget.

  • airfare (airport transfers are often included in a resort package, however)
  • alcohol
  • casino gambling funds
  • sports equipment rentals
  • off-site excursions
  • concerts
  • gift shop purchases

If you don’t like to pay for every little thing, an all-inclusive resort is probably for you. Even better, this option helps to reduce or eliminate the confusion sometimes associated with tipping housekeeping personnel to wait for staff to everyone in between. This is especially true when traveling abroad. Generally speaking, a tip amount will be suggested.  Usually, the resorts suggest a minimum and if your staff has been overly-generous and attentive to details it is suggested to tip beyond that amount.

Regardless of the resort package you choose, ALWAYS read the fine print. Failure to do so can result in unexpected charges for things the resort considers to be a “premium item.”

Remember, whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or an unforgettable family vacation, there’s an all-inclusive resort waiting to serve you. What are you waiting for? Get packing! Lavishly live travel out loud and head to those all-inclusive resorts! ~

Dana Vento is a travel writer who is always searching for the best of the best when it comes to travel. Follow her adventures throughout the world through her Travel articles.