Battery Operated Travel Toothbrush

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We do travel a lot and I have things I have to have with me.  Sometimes, travel and packing do get wearisome because I don’t have the easy things to make packing so much less stressful, you know the basic comforts of home, things that I love.  I always am fearful of missing my lovely electric toothbrush when I leave the house as nothing cleans my teeth quite like the power of that brush.  After some travel, I generally feel the need to visit our dentist and have my teeth cleaned because a week of two out and a manual toothbrush is just not doing the job.  Going to the dentist is hardly a lavish kick in the bucket, in fact, while I may be paying off his new Mercedes with all my trips there, I think I could just have purchased a very simple toothbrush for so much less money.  I have found a  with a UV Sanitizer that offers fashion and oral hygiene all in one little package! Did you really read what I just wrote? The item I found SANITIZES(and you all know how freaky I am about clean) as well as brushes! I am packing this up as we travel everywhere because the power on it is magnificent, it cleans the bacteria that is on the brush and I no longer have to come home and schedule a cleaning with my dentist(or pay for his Mercedes)! Here’s to lavishly living traveling out loud, packing up, and caring for my teeth with a battery operated travel toothbrush.

Battery Operated Travel Toothbrush

I am sure you are thinking that I have found a hunk of junk that functions like that dollar store stuff and honestly this is not the case.  I stumbled across Dr. White Magic T-Stick when looking for the latest and greatest in battery operated travel toothbrushes.  Now you might be asking me why I find this brush to be so effective? First it is not going to be rough on your gums like some of the junk they sell out there. The head on the brush is wonderful and speaking of heads, you may want to know the bristles are DuPont Bristles and they are replaceable. You won’t be replacing the Dr. White Magic T-Stick, rather just the batteries and the head.  The battery operated travel toothbrush: Dr. White Magic T-Stick comes with an additional head, so when you are done with the first one, you already have a second waiting in the wings, leaving you time to grab another!

Let’s talk about the power of this little battery operated travel toothbrush.  The Dr. White Magic T-Stick has power beyond what you would expect from a battery operated travel toothbrush.  This is Very Slim to hold and it is portable(think purse size.  The sonic frequency on this is 22,000 strokes per minute, which translates as a powerful plaque remover.  IF you were to compare this to a manual toothbrush(eyeroll) it would be about 300 strokes per minute. The Toothbrush is waterproof(IPX7), and the UV Sanitizer that it comes with is also Water-Resistant(good thing since tooth-brushing requires a water-like environment!)

Take a Look at my Video to get a quick overview of the product, it is something awesome!

Here’s where things get totally COOL with this Battery Operated Travel Toothbrush. I love it because it has a great design, the case is sleek and trendy, as well as fashionable. Who ever would have thought I would call this a fashionable toothbrush, but there are a lot designs(colors) to choose from.  Let’s go beyond this: When you place your toothbrush back into the holster, it sanitizes it, that is what I said, it cleans it so that disgusting mouth bacteria you just took out of your mouth is not sitting there on your toothbrush, it is being blasted away! The sanitizing takes approximately 6 minutes and runs on 2 batteries in the sanitizing portion and the brush works off of the 3rd AAA battery.

This is so easy to use, and the sanitizing feature is awesome. The power on this is incredible especially for just using a AAA battery. This is the toothbrush that mixes fashion with oral hygiene and comes out with a purple glow(sanitizing!).  Lavishly live travel out loud with the battery operated travel toothbrush!

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