The Best Razors At The Best Prices?

800 razor

I am often solicited by companies to review their products and when I do I keep a sharp eye to items like price and quality.  When the product offerings are grand and the price is not ginormous, I begin to let the frugality mission sink in and then I spread the good word!

800 razors

Back in April I introduced you to a line of razors that were shipped to your door, and definitely cut up the competition(pun intended).  Brand names are not needed to defeat brand names, but a good edge is and that is what 800 Razors delivers.  Those brands that do offer a clean shave often come with a price tag higher than we would like to pay as well, but in order to achieve that soft feeling we purchase them. I shop the sales on razors and their blades, and I use coupons, but that really does not defray the cost, and these are a needed item! IN reality it is a silly piece of plastic and metal just fancied up in some which way, one not really different from another, but the price tags may have you quivering at the knees!  It does not have to be this way, there is an online alternative that will save you hundreds of dollars a year and in addition it will save you trips to the store because there is such a thing as FREE shipping! Ride the shave wave frugally!

Meet MY Pretty Pink New Razor Friend  5-BLADE WOMEN’S RAZOR which can be compared to Venus® just less the price! Frugality is getting the best you can without paying that excruciatingly high price tag and this razor, slides, glides and weed whacks that hair, no matter where you are shaving! No need to worry about missing a piece of stubble because this little lawn mower in razor will take care of everything and make you smooth and stubble free without the giant price tag that the name brand competitors offer. Changing blades is as easy as pulling out a credit card out of your wallet with one hand, just press the button and release! The handle is real pretty and feminine, but unlike those guys that often slip out of our grip, this little baby isn’t going anywhere because it has a non-slip grip! (can someone get these for those slickery guys?)

The cost of this razor will depend on how many cartridges you plan on gliding through, but they are 1/2 of what you would pay in the retail stores for brand names! You can get 4 cartridges for $10 to your front door, no gas, no looking at tags, just good, clean, shaving fun! Don’t worry about needing a handle, because every new customer gets a new handle! Yeehaw, glide’em cowboy!