Candle Warmer Sins Flames


What does not smoke and lost its flame long ago, and you better not say your friends gramma! If you guessed the Candle Warmers from Candler Warmers you are flaming hot! Here is a great holiday gift for anyone on your holiday list that loves the scent of candles, but dislikes remembering there is a flame to blow out! If you have kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, college students, office spaces, or people on your list who love candles, get ready to WOW them with a Scroll Candle Warmer Lantern that lets the candle become a flameless candle!  Get ready for a great alternative to candles with burning flames. There is just something about a candle lighting a room that makes it so much more calm and inviting and the look of this lantern is outstanding and the smell of the scent is incredibly fragrant.

Meet Candle Warmers. It is my good fortune to work with this wonderful company yet again this year. Last year I got to try out a cute snowman that offered melted wax that emitted a wonderful holiday scent into the air and this year, yet another great product up for your consideration: A Scroll Candle Warmer Lantern. The lantern had me captivated at first look as it compliments any decor and can be used in any room that offers electricity! No more worries about a lit candle because these great candles melt with the warmth of a bulb and not with burn of a flame.

The Scroll Candle Warmer Lantern quickly releases a scent without a flame, without soot and without smoke. The lantern I tried out was wonderful winter white! The warmer accommodates 12-22 oz jar candles. This is a specially patented lantern that melts the top of the candle that is exposed to a bulb.  The bulb is energy efficient and will not spark a flame- a very safe alternative to lit candles.

There is a nice amount of light emitted from this particular lantern, enough to give you light to move through a room, or to calm a room down to romantic or holiday-like. The candles are flameless because they are warmed through the power of a strong warming bulb that is run by electricity. The soft halogen light warms the top of the candle in the lantern and as it is warmed the scent releases into the air. The candles are innovative, and when used with the lantern are a great, clean way to enjoy scented candles in the home, as they are flameless.

The candles melt via a warming bulb and they eliminate the possibility of fire through a burning candle and even smoke damage and indoor pollution.  If you love smelling scented candles and you want to go Flameless this is the Candle Warmer for You! Anyone on your holiday list that loves candles will absolutely love the seasonal scents that this Candle Warmers has to offer.