The Case Of The Zippered Garment Bag

Once upon a time, in a closet not to far from your own, across a rack of hangers, were 13 Zippered Garment Bags, perfectly hung and defeating all the dust that dared to fall upon those blackest jackets, darkest shirts, and beautiful cardigans.  The day did not begin like any other day because today, Janelle was on a rampage looking for her favorite LBD(little black dress) as she has to look ‘tight’ for tonight’s event.  Janelle went room-to-room and closet-to-closet, ransacking each close for her dress to no avail.  Lavishly live this tale of fashion all tidied up.

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The Case Of The Zippered Garment Bag 

Janelle went through each of her children’s rooms, knowing she had not given the dress away, and that it could potentially be misplaced in one of their closets.  Her  youngest son had the most rack to floor space so logically she went in there and overturned the closet, finding NOTHING but lots of candy wrappers, dirty boogie rags and a mountain of missing stuffed animals the cat had dragged into their new graveyard after taking the filling out of them.  Enough of that room, at least for now, as Janelle reasoned she barely had enough time to get ready for her event, let alone start a new cleaning task in a room that was never going to get any better!

Back To The Zippered Garment Bags In Janelle’s Closet 

Janelle traipsed back into her closet because she just could not give up and the red dress she had rocked her hips and chest just a bit too much, like enough to rock a night on the town but not a formal dining affair! “That LBD has to be in my closet, I did not give it away, so where is it?” said Janelle.  Janelle’s fingers crossed each item in her closet, touching each hanger, studying each piece of clothing, even rekindling her relationship with a few long, lost tees, that she had totally forgotten about(love that right?)! As her fingers touched the 13 Garment Bags that hung in a row in her closet, a light bulb suddenly went off in her head, like a finger getting burned with boiled liquids, her dress was in the protective, fully zippered Garment Bags.  Janelle had purchased these from BrylaneHome last year in order to keep her ‘occasional clothes’ dust free and ready to go for days like today so there would be no pilfering through closets.  Mystery Solved! See where cleanliness and organization got her? LOL!

The Zippered Garment Bags

There are 13 Zippered Garment Bags in this set.  The plastic is not a firm plastic, rather a lighter plastic.  The zipper is down the middle and trimmed in red.  There are a few different sizes so you can cover your suit coats, shirts, pants and dresses alike.  There are 8 Suit/Shirt Bags that are 35″ x 24″ and there are 5 Dress Bags(where her dress was) that are 53″ x 24″ .  You can find these online at BrylaneHome!

The mystery of the zippered garment bags is solved, Janelle has her dress and now everyone can live happily ever after.  Lavishly live life, closet organization and fashion out loud as you protect your clothing from that extraneous dust that just seems to get on clothing when you don’t pay attention.  Let the zippered garment bags do all of this for you! Protect your seasonal clothes and stay organized, after all the bags are see through!

*product was provided in order to tell this most enchanting tale, opinions and thoughts within are my own of course as is imagery.