Centrally Located Boutique Hotel In Dublin That Won’t Disappoint

Hotel in Dublin

If Dublin, Ireland is your destination, then choose your hotel wisely.

After spending a few weeks in Ireland and a great deal of time in Dublin City Center, I can tell you location matters.

My preference for a hotel is generally right in the hub of the action, yet, slightly removed.

The hotel I am about to share is just that.

For those that love upscale rooms, with comfortable beds, and a very amiable staff, you will want to read on.

My husband and I stayed at a few different Dublin hotels and this hotel definitely is the one that stands out for all good reasons.

In fact, this hotel is right across the street from the Facebook Headquarters in Dublin and about a 15-minute walk to the Temple Bar area.

Bridges, pubs, and tons of history are close by and of course, you can grab a cab or bus if you so desire.

Here’s the centrally located upscale hotel in Dublin that won’t disappoint.

Centrally Located Boutique Hotel In Dublin That Won’t Disappoint

My trip to Ireland was hosted by CIE Tours. Opinions are my own, based on my personal experience.

Our welcome basket at the Clayton Hotel

Location. Where Are You? Location.

Welcome to the Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane.

You’ve arrived in a lovely hotel, with an incredible pool area, and fitness center.

There are bar areas and a good restaurant, what more could you need?

Are you the person on the other side of the screen telling me that you need a comfy bed and a very clean room?

Good, I experienced the hotel first hand and it’s awesome!

It’s right across the street from one of Facebook’s offices, pretty cool!

This hotel was one of the hotels featured in the CIE International Tour 8 Day Irish Adventure!

I was a guest of CIE INTERNATIONAL Tours!

pool inside Ireland hotel

Centrally Located but Not In The Center of The Dublin Chaos.

When I say that this is centrally located, I don’t mean that it is in the heart of the city center.

In fact, it is about a 20-minute walk to the Temple Bar Area, which is a ton of fun.

It’s also the same time if you want to visit the Book of Kells located in the same area as well.

We love to walk, so to my husband and me, this was nothing.

Remember, in Italy, we walked about 10 miles a day sightseeing.

But you have to like to walk.

One Thing To Think About

We walked, we ate we drank.

I mean, its pub after pub after pub!

But, if you drink and have to walk back a bit, there are no bathrooms.

Just tuck that piece of knowledge in.

And, when we were by the ‘sphere’ there were a few hotels that the guards actually followed us to see where we were going.

The bar inside the hotel in Dublin Ireland

Since the weather is fair, we bundled up and walked to the Norseman one evening which was also in the Temple Bar area and it took just about 20 minutes.

However, long before we got to the Temple Bar, we had come upon many other Pubs, and restaurants we could have eaten in if we did not care to travel on further.

Cabs are readily available, but not all take credit cards.

We used the MyTaxi app to get our cab and we also hailed them down.

Depending on where you are in Dublin Center it can be a real issue to get a taxi (just being honest)

If you want to visit the Irish Emigration Museum you are just a ten-minute walk, so there’s plenty around you yet you are removed from the total chaos of Dublin City Center.

It’s truly just over-the-top busy and populated so it’s nice to be away from that by night.

The Rooms

Don’t haul hair dryers, but do bring a converter (if from the USA).

There’s a safe in the room, a kettle for hot water so you can enjoy tea and coffee while in-suite.

The shower provided a shower curtain.

Hotel in Dublin and the toiletries supplied

Clearly, there are enough shelves and space to move in for a few days and be comfortable.

I also liked that the windows did open up to 4″ for those nights when the heat was not needed yet, we wanted a little air.

Hotel in Dublin Ireland inside of the room. a Double bed and a twin bed

R&R is easy in these very comfy beds, perfect for traveling and rest. So clean, and so comfortable it was actually hard to wake up.

I wish we had more time to stay in the hotel.

Would I Recommend This Hotel?

Absolutely. The staff is friendly and accommodating. Elevators ran smoothly without issues.

We were also offered to come back for dinner, I just ran out of time!

Breakfast offered plenty of options, was tasty, and well attended.

We also had a drink in the bar one evening and enjoyed that as well.

Enjoy going around Dublin and then retreating to a comfortable room.

Like I said, close enough to the city center, yet far enough away from all the hustle and bustle.

I can’t thank the hotel enough for all of their kindness and hospitality while we were there. Hope to see you again soon ~ Dana XO