Chase That Star With Kitten Kaboodle

Star Chaser

You can’t entertain your cat 24/7 and when the house goes quiet, while the kids are at school and you are at work, this next great find is the perfect toy that will offer hours of fun, and exercise for your cat and should reduce furniture damage due to scratching as it offers a toy with many functions.

What is this toy? The Star Chaser is a track that a motion-activated, led ball, lights up and travels around in circles when pushed on by the cat’s claws. The ball actually snaps into the track and travels around and around like a never-ending marble. In addition, the middle of the track offers a corrugated scratching pad that is reversible, as well as frugally replaceable(under $8) Because the scratching pad is corrugated, you actually can sprinkle a bit of catnip into it and you will find one happy cat scratching at this rather than on your furniture.  You can feel good about the ball track because it is BPA free and made in the USA. The size of this is 16″x 16″x 1.88″.  There are many different ‘knock-off’s’ of this particular toy, don’t be fooled by buying them, you want a quality track that is BPA Free.

We have watched our cat playfully bat the ball with her paw and scratch.  I love when I find cat toys that makes great frugal ‘cents’ and this toy is perfect because it offers playtime and scratch time all in ONE product.  Less clutter, and more usefulness makes a purchase that is frugal.

If your cat is skiddish, I would not recommend this toy as the ball moves around a track and lights up and the movement and light may make your cat run for the hills and cower in the depths of the dark. However, if you have a playful cat, who loves scratching, catnip, and fun, easy entertainment you won’t find a better toy or a better site to purchase this on. Think Happy Holidays ahead of the rush, and order it from Kitten Kaboodle. This will come right to your door step and all you had to do is put your paws to work to place an order!

Our Star Chaser came from Kitten Kaboodle. If you have not seen this retail pet store it is a must for those who have dogs, cats, birds, and other types of animals. The pricing on the site is super-competitive and their offerings are extensive as they work with over 40 pet manufactures to provide you with all the best pet supplies available. The staff is friendly, and customer service oriented and they know animals. Here are a few quick things to know about this great site:  Kitten Kaboodle offers tax free shopping(excluding State of MA), quick checkout, several shipping methods.

2 paws up for a fantastic store offering fantastic products—Kitten Kaboodle.