Clean House Before And After The Holidays

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What is it about having company and family over that creates us to spin around the house like a top and clean it up? I for one like it to look spotless but then there is reality, the cyclone of family activities that lead to never being home and using the house as a drop off spot.

Is there a way to quickly cleanup the quick tracking messes that were left in the house or even the little bits of cat litter that are by the litter box and then move on to the next task without slipping in puddles?  The reality of the holidays is to clean up, prepare food and party on and and then steam about it, or  should I say steam clean it.

This gift to yourself will have you unwrapping the box quicker than you can believe because this gift is one you don’t want to return. Here’s how to lavishly live life out loud, clean up and never get steamed again over dirty floors. Clean house before and after the holidays and never be steamed about it!

Clean House

I think my favorite tool in cleaning is the steamer, as it takes away all the dirt and germs with one felt swoop. What I won’t do is get on my hands and knees to scrub a floor and I can hardly believe that our parents used to do that.

My knees are not floor friendly tools and there is no squatting for this girl.  My solution to all this is to get ‘steamed’ and push it all around.  I steam and spray my floors and it leaves my floors cleaner than ever.

My Shark Genius

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Guess what appears out of the box and into my hands after a brief assembly? A Shark Genius.  In fact it is wonderful and if you are out shopping and reading this grab one!

Steam is so great at breaking down greasy, sticky messes and black marks from the floor without using any HARSH chemicals. The germ busting is a great help as well because you can use it around kids and pets(my kids and my kitty).

With the Shark Genius you have 3 levels of steam, and you never have to touch those, dirty, disgusting pads again.  Both sides of the pads clean and sanitize and the best news is when you are done, you just release the pad via a trigger and it is off!


What’s in the box? You will find an Intelligent Steam Pocket Mop, Genius Mop Head and 2 Dirt Grip Pads.

The Best Of It

I love the fact that the pads are washable, reusable and never have to be touched. As a separate note of love, both sides of the pad can be used so you have double the cleaning capacity and after shoes, and rain, sleet, and snow it’s time to steam it all away.

How Does This Clean

Do not worry about soppy wet floors, because this steamer does not do that. In fact, it distributes the steam over the entire double-sided cleaning pad and the dirt and grime lift without water residue.

Think about tacky hairspray residue in the bathrooms, shoes and tracking inside or cleanup after food preparation, it is so darn easy.


The Steam Blaster may be my favorite part.  We all get stuff stuck on the floor, and rather than bending over, steam it with a blast that you release from the handle.  Chances are what is down there will break up, and head right onto the cleaning pad.

Attaching The Pad

Remember I said you never have to touch the pad? You simply place the pad on the floor, and put the mop into the pad.  You attach it with a simple click of the and release it the same way, really easy to set up and really easy to clean with.

Get those steamers out, plug them in because company is coming.  Lavishly live life out loud with a great vacuum that moves wherever you need to go, as it is cordless and swivels.  Happy Cleaning!

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