Cruising Carnival Packing Tips Day One

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Are you getting ready to go Cruising? There are a few things you might want to know that will help you when you get those bags packed.

I am always a very organized packer from zipped bags to items we ‘might’ need to things we ‘have to have.’  While you can buy most anything you forget, I am personally more relaxed if I make sure we are have what we need without over packing.

Here’s a few tips on what to pack on your carry-on bag for those first few hours on the ship, this will help you maximize your fun and let you start partying right away! Are you ready to go Cruising Carnival? We sure were! Once you board the fun begins, so get ready lavishly live cruising out loud and to sail away to a land of fun.

Cruising Carnival Packing Tip

Since your luggage will be delivered to your room(the larger pieces) make sure to pack a carry-on bag that will let you join in on the fun right away.  We packed a few things that let our kids start swimming and us start relaxing and as soon as our room opened, we just dove into our carry-ons, grabbed what we needed and began our vacation. Are you ready to begin Cruising Carnival? Use these Packing Tips for Day One!

Pack a bag that you will carry on-board with you with the following items:

  1.  a bathing suit or change of clothes
  2.  flip Flops(for the pool if you so desire)
  3.  Sun Screen
  4.  a Lanyard and an ID holder
  5.  sunglasses
  6.  any small grooming items(whatever you managed through TSA, if you flew)
  7.  A fresh outfit for dining in the main dining room, if you have decided to eat there(no flip-flops, beachwear, basketball shorts, or tee’s permitted)
  8. A big smile because your cruise has begun!

Cruising Carnival Insider’s Info

When you initially get to the ship, you can’t get into your room, generally until about 1:30p sometimes a bit later.  You head in and go to the LIDO Deck where you eat and drink the buffet is waiting for you so don’t be shy, dig in!

Once you eat, you can take a walk to your room, where you luggage may or may not be waiting for you, it just depends.  If your room is ready, your key will let you in and you can quickly change, if not, you can walk around the ship(and I advise that you do, to get acquainted with your home away from home)

Your luggage may arrive a while after you are able to actually get into the room, this does not matter, you don’t need to do anything until dinner time anyway and by then, your luggage arrives.  Remember, the luggage that is being boarded is for 3000 other guests as well on this trip.

Be patient, it does get there, but you should have a small bag already packed so you can just go have fun!  Pack a bag as I suggest above and if you are a pool person you will be set to go and if not, pack a set of fresh clothes and get ready for your first meal in the dining room, depending on the dining time you chose.

Shower up to feel refreshed from your trip to the ship, settle in, turn on your cabin television and relax and wait for the muster drill either in your room or somewhere else in the ship.

Headed To The Pool Cruising Carnival? 

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Do I Need To Bring Beach Towels? Don’t take up valuable space in your luggage, USE the TOWELS that are provided to you in your stateroom! The towels in the Stateroom are there for you to use and bring back.  We took these towels to each port of call, and when we returned our cabin steward replaced them with new ones.

The Pool And Towels

When you head to the pool, there is a Towel Cabana for you to check out towels from.  You present your ID(that you are carrying on your lanyard) and you get a new towel.  During the day, if your towel is wet and you want a dry one, you simply exchange a towel.  At the end of your pool time, or lounging time, check your towel back in, they cross your name off the list and you are free of the towel, it is that simple.  Don’t feel the need to pack a towel they are there and waiting for you. Make certain you return your towel and get it checked off the list or you will pay $22 per towel!

Check out My Video here of the Lido Deck set up, so you know what to expect. This was filmed while we were on a day at sea, and headed home(boo!)

Packing a carry-on allows you to have the ability to jump into the fun quicker if you so choose to swim and did not wear your suit.  You can place you bag on a seat on the Lido Deck and then grab a plate of food. You will find you are in good company as most other in-coming guests will do the same. Here’s to lavishly living cruising out loud on the High Seas with Carnival Cruise Lines!

We were provided a room on the Carnival Sunshine, all opinions expressed were my own. Excursions, drinks(alcoholic, etc) were provided by me!

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