Effortlessly Declutter Your Home

“I might need this for something, I’ll keep it!” There my friends are the beginning of clutter spatter throughout your home.

Declutter your home now!

Does that phrase scare you?

Declutter your homeIt happens to everyone at some point in time: homes go from totally organized to out of control in seconds.

Life moves fast, we move with it, and some days there is just no time to put things where they belong!

Grab this, keep that, toss that, and suddenly it’s time to declutter your home!

No matter the season from Spring to Winter, these 13 Bona Fide Ideas to declutter your home will work, here’s why.

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What exactly does decluttering a home entail?

Maybe the better question is, “why to declutter?”

If everything has a place and there’s a place for everything, you totally change the game!

You can find things more easily and your home won’t look messy (bonus!)

Did you know that clutter will force you out of your desk, office, room, and then the house?

The short of how to declutter your home is as follows.

Purge, clean, organize and pull your life together.

The end reward of decluttering is saving time every day.

But there is more to purging and cleaning, because you’ve got to make it functional too, and I’ll help with that!

Do you realize how many times you can’t find your keys, or your favorite pen, or your iPad?

Stop the insanity!

13 Bona Fide Ideas to save time and money. How?

Here’s the thing about being organized, if you have to buy a few items to organize different places around your home, it’s all good. Why? Because if you can put your hands right on what you are looking for you won’t’ rebuy, or make unnecessary purchases.

Time & Money We want Both!

Further, if you can find it, and find it quickly because it has a home, then you save time. You’ve got to organize to declutter your home. In the end, the functionality of the organization process is how this will help you! Time is something we are always running to catch up with, so save yourself a little!

Effortlessly Declutter Your Home with these 13 Bona Fide Ideas

mops and brooms stacked on floor

No. 1 Your Cleaning Tool Stash

Where do you store your mops and brooms? Do you store yours on the floor behind a door? Then do you scream when the door won’t open because one gets jammed in between the frame and the door? Or are they always falling over?

Declutter your home starting with your cleaning tool stash. Take control of your mops, vacuums, and sticks that sweep up dust! One of my favorite contraptions takes those off of the floor and puts them on the wall.

I love this wall-mounted heavy-duty Broom/Mop Holder.

Tip: make sure that your door will open as far as you want it to if you are hanging this behind a door.

Broom and Mop Holder From Amazon ir?t=kidstuff03 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B087BVT9H9

No. 2 After Shopping. Recycle. Reuse to Declutter Your Home

When you shop, and then you come home, what happens next is everything. What do you do with all those plastic bags from your shopping trip? Do you stack your bags inside of bags and then shove them into the closet?

Maybe you just let them sit on the floor and later, you slip on them. Here’s the thing, those plastic bags can be upcycled into garbage bags, and they are great for scooping litter!

I suggest this one as it has a sleek look stainless steel plastic bag holder and ours (yes we have this one) has recycled over 100,000 bags and counting!

simple human plastic bag holder ir?t=kidstuff03 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B007ZF638G

Prefer a plastic bag holder to declutter your home from being taken over by plastic bags?

Keep a plastic bag holder at the door you use the most, as it will be seen and used.
simple plastic bag holder with adhesive strips ir?t=kidstuff03 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07DRQ5Y5Q

Tip: You can attach different kinds of plastic bag holders over your cabinets too, which is great for bathrooms and trash can lining!

No. 3: Declutter your home while saving your sanity!

Where’s my phone? I may ask that question more times in a day than anyone else, but if you are like me, there’s hope and salvation on the other side of this.

Yes, my smartwatch can locate it, but it’s a PIA to keep pinging it. So instead, I’ve invested in a few of these around the house to save sanity and recharge my phone!

Stop Losing Your Phone & Recharge

So how do you place your phone down, and charge it, then not lose it? Grab one of these charging units and put your phone on it every time you walk in the door. You’ve decluttered the space this will sit in and you will always be able to find your phone.

Most Importantly: Dedicate a solo space when you declutter your home for this charging device, and you will not lose your phone again!

Insider Tips: declutter your home, stop losing your phone.

  1. Find a Charging station that has a watch charger on it as well, then you can place it all together!
  2. One other note on this, if you have an Apple Watch charger in your bedroom, invest in a second for an alternate place to charge.

No. 4 Inside your undergarment drawer: declutter your home

When you are in a hurry and you really want to find your undergarments, sometimes bad choices get made. For instance, compromising and wearing pink undies under white and knowing that you can’t pull it off. Your shirt rides up and suddenly… busted your pink panties are there for the world to see!

Maybe instead of just grabbing and going, try organizing your underwear by color and grabbing the RIGHT pair!

Silly Story With A Point.

Perhaps this little tale will spur you on to declutter your home. It’s a true story. I had a girlfriend that bought a pack of underwear every time we went shopping. She complained a lot about her budget and we discussed this particular ‘habit’ one night.

Rather than sorting her underwear, she used to just toss it in any available drawer in her room. Then before getting ready she would rift mindlessly through the drawers unable to come up with the pair she needed.

First, I got her a set of these underwear organizers, and then she actually began putting them in. Never again did she buy undies unless it was to replace crappy ones, money saved (for GNO), and then the organization is gained!

No. 5 Under Your Kitchen Sink

Under your kitchen sink is a nightmare and why is that?

Declutter your home and place you can’t see.

Organize Under Your Kitchen SinkWhy? If your under-sink area organized you can place what needs to be within reach and not on the counters. Guess what? When you declutter your home, it can include organizing under your kitchen sink!

No. 6: Declutter your home: including ideas for the chaos in the Laundry Room

Your laundry will always pile up but the clutter does not have to!

Declutter your home including the laundry room

Your laundry room is where all things dirty float to and what needs to be accessible 24/7, is yours?

  1. Root through the cabinets, toss out into either recycle or garbage bins what you don’t need and what is expired.
  2. Keep what you need, but organize it, by storing it in the cabinets or on shelves, and wall sorting bags.
  3. Also, make sure you have a way to hang your clothing if it can’t go in the dryer.
  4. Don’t forget a recycle can and a garbage can, as well as a lint storage holder!
  5. Finally, find a storage container for dirty laundry for that room, and my list of laundry room essentials will help as well!

No. 7 ~ Declutter your home = an organized entry closet

Have you got an entry closet? Organize it, rip everything out and start fresh.

organized entry closet declutter your home

Use my Entry Closet organization ideas to spur on your cleanup and cleanout! You can see what this closet looks like fully organized HERE and the before and after!

No. 8 ~ Your Office Space: Part of the Declutter Your Home Campaign!

You’ve been working from home a lot more and it looks like mail might have vomited on your desk, and every pen, pencil, opened mail, unopened mail, and notebook you own is there too! Get control of your space. Organization in a workspace or any space of your home is key, so let’s clean it up and out!

Your Office Space Part of the Declutter Your Home Campaign

Solutions for Wall Storage Abound

For us, it was a great move to get things off the desk and on the wall. Grab the holders and clips too! Another option is what I created for my daughter for pennies on the dollar, really! DIY a hanging space for your pens, rulers, markers, glasses, stapler, etc.

But, if you don’t want to DIY then order this simple hanging wall holder for all your ‘stuff’ and hang it! One of my faves are these mason jar holders and it’s a snap to install, and the result? An organized workspace where you can find your pens, pencils, etc!

No. 9 ~ Your Bedroom Closet – Own the Mess

Every day I walk into my closet in my bedroom and wonder how I survived before I remodeled it? Now I can find the floor, and everything in there FAST! Before my closet was a mess, and it took hours to week through it to find what I was looking for. Declutter your home also includes your bedroom closet.

declutter your bedroom closetWhile I personally won’t take accountability for this, I will always BLAME the builder for flimsily installed wire racks and not true storage, in the end, it comes down to ME! There were things I should and could have done to help with organization in my master bedroom closet but, I didn’t.

Now the best thing I ever did was install a closet organization system! It’s solid wood and fabulous!

Tips To Declutter Your Bedroom Closet

  1. Try everything on.
  2. Make piles to keep.
  3. Hang everything up.
  4. Share what you have with others, before you donate see who wants what.
  5. Sell stuff on FB marketplace or at online sources like Poshmark if you have items that qualify.
  6. Purge. Donate what you don’t want or fit into.
  7. Toss anything out that is ripped or worn out.
  8. Make sure to rip anything into a rag that way it is upcycled!

No. 10: ‘The Linen Closet’ Declutter Your Home Project Continues

When was the last time you actually were proud to open that linen closet door? Is it one of those closets that have monsters locked in it that you don’t want to let out? That monster is called clutter and disorganization. Here’s a simple DIY to gain control of your linen closet and declutter your home.

Organizing Your Linen Closet to declutter your home

The before and after will allow you to find what you have with ease and the upside: no more clutter monster in the linen closet!

No. 11 ~ Seasoning Is the Spice Of Life

What does your spice cabinet look like? In fact, do you even have a spice cabinet or are you squeezed for space? Chances are your spices are just tossed in a basket and hard to access. This is the norm for many of us, but it’s easily changed!

Spice cabinet declutter your home

A simple DIY will get your spices organized and in plain sight so that when you cook, you can easily access them!

No. 12 Kitchen Drawers

Sometimes when you rustle through your kitchen drawers you can’t find what you need. This is one of the easiest declutter your home fixes. Kitchens are the workhorse of most homes and we toss everything we can at them and in them. Your kitchen drawers need to be decluttered so you can find your utensils.

kitchen drawer organization to declutter your home pizza wheel

Your drawers bear the brunt of these devastating actions.

Rather than finding old keychains opened pill bottles mixing with silverware you can easily upgrade the chaos and declutter while organizing! Would that be great?

kitchen drawer organization to declutter your home

No. 13 ~ Bathroom Chaos Tamed

We’ve come to the end of the list and the bathroom is where things can definitely get out of control. Let me keep this simple, if you have organizational items in your bathroom, you will be ready so let me share a list of things you might find helpful and you can take this ‘declutter your home’ room and make it your own!

Your bathroom only functions as well as you have it organized. So, you’ll want to keep the countertops organized, clean and as much out of site as possible. The items that have to stay out on the counter need to be contained in ‘chaos’. In the end, you will declutter your bathroom and that is part of the declutter your home scenarios.

Items to Organize the Clutter Yet Allows You To Keep It Neatly Contained

Declutter your home, and free yourself from chaos!

In the end, taming chaos will keep you sane, and it will help you stay on time, and naturally spend less money. Why? Because you know what you need and what you don’t have! Use these 13 bona fide ideas to step into decluttering mode. ~ Dana XO