Digital Tire Pressure Gauges

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One thing most car owners will tell you is to never ride around with tire pressure at the wrong level.

The wear and tear to the tire changes when the tires are not properly filled with air.

Another critical time to make sure the air pressure is accurate in your vehicle’s tires is before any distance driving for travel.

Think of accurate tire pressure as you would health.

If the pressure on the tires is accurate, they can effectively keep you on the road to the right MPG and last as forecasted.

Keep your tires rolling and accurately inflated!

Car owners with on-dash readouts should not be fooled by the inaccuracies.

In fact, did you know air pressure can vary day to day and may not always be accurate?

Your best bet to understanding your tire pressure is understanding the value of keeping tires properly inflated.

Properly inflated tires have many benefits including keeping the wear even on all tires which will, in turn, prolong the life of the tire.

No matter the car, tire pressure matters.

You definitely want to consider all of the different digital tire pressure gauges available and stock yourself with one!

Your New Vehicle & Digital Tire Pressure Gauges

I may receive a commission if you purchase something mentioned in this post. See more details here.

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Whether you are out shopping at your local dealership for a new and pre-owned vehicle, it will have tires on it!

The first thing we did when we bought my daughter her new Jeep Patriot was giving her a digital tire pressure gauge.

Since her Jeep did not have a readout on the inside, we want her to be responsible for checking the tire pressure and keeping it inflated to the appropriate level.

After all, properly inflated tires do aid in achieving proper MPG as well as maintaining the estimated life span of the tire on the Jeep.

In the end, we shared with her that by doing this she could keep her gas on budget and her maintenance money maximized.

Anticipating any tire changes and the need to budget are all keys to owning and maintaining a vehicle.

Of course, we also wanted her to understand that managing car ownership begins from the ground up!

For her, it keeps her Jeep the road and lets her get to where she needs to be!

Here are a few digital tire pressure gauges to consider just as we did when we purchased one for her glove compartment.

Digital Tire Pressure Gauges – the assortment

Did you know that when your tires are properly inflated your fuel economy may be at its premium margins?

All vehicles need their tire pressure checked.

You want a reliable device to check the PSI.

Further, you can use your car’s readout but you want to doublecheck it with a true tire pressure gauge for accuracy.

I have a few different tire gauges for your consideration to help you check your car’s tire pressure.

Digital Readouts

Long ago Digital Readouts did not exist. More recently some of the digital tire pressure gauges have not been so accurate.

As I researched gauges I want to share a few I have found that won’t break the bank but will deliver the monthly accuracy you are looking for when checking the pressure.

Responsive and Lit!

First up is the TEKTON 5941 Digital Tire Gauge, 100 PSI.

How about the lighted nozzle on this and the display screen?

This is perfect for low light situations whether on the road or in your garage.

What you can count on is being able to see the good or the bad news on the PSI of your tire, no matter where you are.

The digital display is instantaneous and provides an accurate measurement.

It’s also highly rated on Amazon which is quite reassuring.

The design fits into the hand quite well. Nothing too fancy here especially for those that just want easy, done and accurate.

Solid, Durable and PSI Perfection

Let’s look at one more digital gauge for your car tires.

I love this one personally for the look, though if you want to keep it in your glove compartment you might want to grab the aforementioned.

This one comes recommended by mechanics and features solid construction from steel and brass.

There is even an extended 5mm chuck tip because you don’t want to get leakage when you are checking the pressure!

The tipping point for me on this particular digital gauge is that it requires NO Batteries and is reliable in every kind of weather.

Remember any and every car out there needs to have its tires check for proper inflation and these digital gauges are a reliable and fast way to check for this.

The Digital Era

Your vehicle purchase is based on your budget.

The Jeep you might buy, or the RAM Truck, Chrysler Pacifica Minivan, etc. may or may not have tire monitoring built-in.

As you increase in amenities you will find tire monitoring built-in. You may rely on that!

However, for those just starting out, purchasing used inventory, or wanting just all the basics and no bells and whistles, you will definitely want to invest in a digital tire pressure gauge.

Always check your tires with the start of each new season! The heat and cold will affect the pressure!

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