As you all might have been reading, we have been DIY remodeling on a sponsored projected by Value City Furniture.  Every minute that my husband and I are not working or toting kids to hockey, we have dedicated to painting and changing the room up getting it ready for the furniture and the new look and dealing with all the other projects that this one has spurred! Isn’t it funny how when you begin one project ten others show up as well?   I guess that is just Murphy’s Law!  As we were taping the room off, painting and cleaning time just passed by so quickly each day and I had to remember to cook dinner, and I did, but not how you might imagine!

Gourmet Cooker

360 Cookware by Americraft lightened my cooking load, reduced my stress and provided me a way to prepare fabulous dinners with easy and I all I had to do was place my contents in the pot and forget about it for a few hours!  I actually created some of the most tender meat meals you can dream of and I did not even use great meat, because you don’t have to!  While we were busy working on room restoration, the food was creating in a pot and by the time we were beat and too tired to cook, the meal was done!  First let me share with you again, what 360 Cookware is and why you want to use it!


360 cookware is manufactured without chemicals and  uses dry sanding to create the finished product which is shiny, beautiful, stainless steel.  360 Cookware by Americraft is clean, green and American Made.  Every piece created is actually  handcrafted.  The 360 Cookware is high quality, durable, environmentally friendly cookware.  The cookware will be handed generation to generation because it is that durable!  This cookware is about a healthy lifestyle and this comes from what the cookware delivers, fresh food, with an abundance of minerals and nutrients.


If you use basic pots and pans, you add water and boil your food.   360 Cookware cooks with a method known as Vapor® Cooking.  It is easy, and it includes the very bare minimum of ingredients.  Vapor® Cooking is the process of the  lid sealing, but spinning while cooking, and cooking from 360 degrees~all sides, not just the bottom up.  There are no hot spots, the cookware cooks the food like it is in an oven.  Vapor® Cooking Is all about heat conductivity from the core, which provides the heat conductivity and retention.  The core of this product is in between an exterior and interior layer of (T-304) surgical steel.  You do not need HIGH heat to cook in this cookware, in most cases you will only cook on low and medium.


I used a Slow Cooker  Base, and I used a 4 Qt Stock Pot.  When each item is joined they become a  4-quart stock pot slow cooker, every kitchen’s dream appliance!  I created fork tender BBQ boneless ribs that actually were untended after I quickly seared them.  The Slow Cooker Base looks like a hot plate.  The 4 quart stock pot is able to be used on the stove or on the base, so you are actually getting more use out of your products which is what I call product maximization and that is true frugality!  I seared the meat quickly on the stove over medium heat, and then I placed the same 4 qt stock pot on the Slow Cooker Base and I added a bit of BBQ and Water, not much.  I placed it on Setting #2 which  was for 4-6 hours of cooking and I walked away and painted the room with my husband and worked on all the trim, by the time we had finished working, our meal was ready and waiting!  The result was food that fell off the fork, absolutely moist, absolutely tender meat!  browning

How fork tender meat occurs is not a secret.  As the meat begins to cook moisture turns to steam.  The steam condenses on the inside of the lid cover and a thin film of water forms between the cover and the unit, this is known as the ‘water seal’.  The water seal is what prevents the steam from rising and escaping so in return the steam that is in the unit returns to the food and it turns out so tender.

This is one of several meals I have prepared and this is the most versatile stock pot I own.  I can use it with or without the Slow Cooker Base, but using it with the slow cooker base means that I will be using a ‘crock pot’ like cooking method.  It makes my cooking possibilities endless.

finished meal

As a busy mom, a mom with kids in sports and working a full time job, I need ways to cook that are easy and this really takes the stress out of cooking.  A point that you shoudl know is that you can buy less expensive cuts of meat because they are generally best suited for slow cooking and did you know that some of the fat becomes part of the natural juices that cooks the meal?  A very frugal way to prepare meals that taste 5 star!

A note of caution about the Slow Cooker Base – the base does not turn off just because you have turned the dial back to 1, it remains on, you must unplug it for the heat transfer to stop.  Please note it is hot to touch, you can get burned and you actually need to unplug it from the electrical source to stop. You can watch this video to see how the Slow Cooker Base works.

Each the 4 qt Stock Pot and the Slow Cooker Base are purchased separately, and the pot can be used independent of the slow cooker.  The idea that you can get more use out of a single pot and the fact that you can purchase less tender meats(lower cost) means you are saving money and the idea of the pot being used separately means you are maximizing a purchase, both prudent and positive points of frugality! This would be the perfect combination for any MOM in your life.