Donuts That Are Great For Fitness

Are you truly hungry and craving donuts? I know I am but they are on my bad food list right now and I don’t get them unless I have really kicked some extra butt during the week, which means extra calories and extra core floor work.  I am in true go mode, and I am not going to give in to anything, except losing this weight that this MOM has put on.  Being MomMe Fitness Ambassador for G&G Fitness is a huge responsibility, which requires commitment to myself and working out daily.  As I am kicking it on my Octane Elliptical and working out daily, the most important thing I have done to date is carve out MomMeTime, which I had not been doing.  Having kids as you know is a lot of work, effort and it takes away all your time, if you let it.  It is crucial to take time out for yourself and be just a little greedy because in the end you will be so much happier with yourself.  Let’s face it, we are all our own worse critics but if you take time to help yourself it is possible to steer your body in the right direction, rather than a path of self-destruction.  What I have been doing is a lot of working out with a medicine ball and you can’t believe how much time you spend on the ground when working out with it.  Back to donuts: Lavishly live at home fitness with me and get ready for scrumptious, soft donuts that reward and relieve you! So I am ready to work out and all I can think about are Donuts.

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The Floor Work & My Donuts 

See you thought I was talking about the food donuts, and there is no way I would tarnish what I am doing with eating the wrong foods because it takes too much work to create a physically fit and healthy body to shoot it with junk food consumption like that! Now let’ see what these Donuts do.

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Knee Donuts 

As you know part of working out is floor work and for me the floor is where me and the medicine ball work my core.  What I have not accomplished through rugs and yoga mats is a comfortable kneeling zone.  If you also recall, my knees are already a bit burned out from bench-stepping early on in my life so while I love my Medicine Ball I don’t like the kneeling workouts that come with it.  My solution to kneeling comfortably are Fitness Knee Donuts.  These are the best donuts and something that I crave for usage during workouts.

Have a look.  The unique “donut” design cradles the kneecaps and provides structural support, my kneecaps never bear weight or touch the ground! Guess what else, my knees don’t ache after I am done working out! See why I crave these donuts?

Knee Donuts, Medicine Ball workouts, exercise, MomMeTime, At Home Fitness, Gifts, exercise, working out, dana vento, G&G Fitness

Thanks to Gretchecn Zelek, Collegiate-athlete, fitness enthusiast and mom of four for creating the dod Fitness Knee Donuts.  She also found that the floor, while a great place to exercise was hardly comfortable.  Think though how many ways you could actually use these little knee-saving donuts: kids baths, gardening, exercise, housework(if you scrub the floor on your knees??) and more.

Now, if you are a new Mom, or a younger mom than me, don’t laugh, start thinking about your knees now, before you have to ever endure any knee pain experience and you will love yourself later for caring now! Taking great care of your body all the time, not just when it is in distress is the best way to stay healthy and in shape.  This Mom Ambassador of G&G Fitness could not be more grateful for donuts that care for my knees while I care for myself exercising.  Lavishly live at home fitness out loud enjoying those floor workouts with ease and celebrating donuts!