Fitness and The Flip Belt

A firm believer in a fitness regime, I carve out that time each day to workout and take that much needed hour!  At the end of the workout, I feel refreshed, re-charged and ready to take life back on, as I have rid myself of all the evil toxins of the day from food to thoughts.  Often, exercise will lead me outdoors as will travel and long gone are those days that you sported a fanny pack! What happens today however, is a bit different, the less clothing I wear, generally translates to the less options I have for storing my car keys, house keys or even my cell phone, not so cool even though my body feels cool with less clothing.  What do you store your cell phone in, your keys, or some cash? What happens when you walk on a beach when you travel? I can clearly tell you there is just no good way to carry these items.  Here’s how to lavishly live fitness and fashion out loud, trust me you are going to Flip over this find! I did a lavish flip for the Flip Belt!

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Why I am Flipping With The Flip Belt

Long ago, I had a fanny pack(cringe).  We were in Italy, traveling, and I had this thing against my stomach, day round as it housed our passports, money and more.  I can tell you this, by day 3, my stomach was chaffed and had the worst rash you have seen, comparable to a baby’s diaper rash.  I began carrying our stuff in a purse, not feeling nearly safe with the documents we needed to tote but with no alternatives! I would have flipped for this Flip Belt had it existed then. When I wear my favorite jogging shorts, they are tight to my waist as is my shirt or sometimes sports tank, so where am I placing my belongings? Inside of a Flip Belt.  This is a piece of material, that does not open, rather it slips over your head or up from your feet to your waist.  It Stays firmly in place, your contents stay inside and never budge and you will not break out into a rash, as I have used this over and over with heat building on my stomach area and have had no problems.

Where to use the FLIP BELT 

This offers the ability to carry those most needed items with you, so when you pass a store and want to stop for a bottle of water, you have money with you. Or if you need to make a call or be on call, you are not without your phone. Yes, you can hook up  your earphones if you don’t have Bluetooth earphones and yes, you can place this around any of your pants and shorts and always look fashionable. Here is an added bonus, the Flip Belt is not just for ladies, guys can get GUY colors) and wear them as well, looking sporty.  When these get sweated up, just toss them in the washer and go! They are washable and so small they fold into a sock drawer.

Do you belong to a health club and hate to leave your keys, money and phone in the lockers? Put them in this belt, no one will know the difference. You put the belt on, insert the items through the three separate slots(Phone, Keys, Money) and then flip the slits into your stomach and they are sealed tight, and nothing is coming out! The belt allows you to be hands free and that lets you really work out your arms right? Get rid of those cell phone arm bands that slide after they get sweaty or don’t stay closed or in place. Don’t wear a fanny pack, money belt, because that is so yesterday.  Add a Flip Belt to your wardrobe, in a color of your choice(there are lots) and get the fashion right while getting the workouts in!

At Home Fitness and The Flip Belt 

Here’s the other thing, many of us own at home fitness equipment and there is nowhere to house your phone while you workout, but you want to hear your music.  Maybe you are moving kettlebells or maybe you are simply working on an elliptical, no matter what the equipment, it is true that music will move you so the best way to be moved… the Flip Belt, keep your phone in and the music pumping!

Do you travel? How about do you visit amusement parks? Why tote that huge backpack around all day when all you really need is your keys, money and your phone.  Rid that lunk of clunk off of your back and go hands free, and fun.  No more worrying where to stow you bag while you are riding a ride or getting buckled into one, this is the answer, see the Flip Belt has me flipping out multiple ways to use it!

Lavishly live fitness out loud, and find a great gift for those that love to walk, travel, hike and workout. Chances are they have not seen these and need one, so give a gift that lets them work out and be hands free! You will find multiple sizes from XSmall to XL and many different color choices! The Flip Belt will have them Flipping happy!