Get the Most Organized Closets Once and For All

3 DIYs To Get The Most Organized Closets Once and For All Are you desperate to gain control of your closets again?

DIY: Get the Most Organized Closets

Today, my 3 DIYs To Get The Most Organized Closets Once and For All From Your Bedroom Closet To The Linen Closet will help!

Is this story familiar?

Once upon a time, your closets were new to you and organized.

Your linen closet had washcloths separated from towels, and toilet paper stacked perfectly.

The coat closet was easily navigatable and you knew where all of your dress coats were versus your ‘grab-it’ jackets were.

In your bedroom, you could see the floor in the closet and you could actually find jeans, and shirts without sifting through mounds.

Somewhere between everyday life, chaotic schedules, work commitments, and personal commitments, they became disorganized.

Now your linen closet, hall closet, and bedroom closet are so disorganized it’s just a mass of clothing piles.

Fear not, my 3 DIYs To Get The Most Organized Closets Once and For All!

Get The Most Organized Closets

It all started in the upstairs of my home.

We made a life-changing decision, to makeover our walk-in closet.

Literally, after our neighbors up the street had massive machinery come in, and the ground was shaking our shelves FELL Off the walls.

You can’t change your neighbors but you can change your organization.

That was my boiling point, my popping point, the moment I knew things had to change.

And change they did.

We went from totally disorganized, can’t find matching shoes to over-the-top organized forevermore.

Fast Forward almost a year later and well, it’s all still good.

Everything has a place and there’s a place for everything.

I’ll show you what we did shortly.

Let’s Start Simple to Get the Most Organized Closets!

Linen Closet

I opened the Linen Closet and everything was everywhere.

Under my breathe I kind of swore at my kids, because they have to put the towels and face clothes away.

But, in another breathe, I was talking crap on myself and the builder.

The linen closet sucks.

How can a cramped closet at the end of a hallway hold what we need and stay organized?

I set to work and the before and after look something like this!

Before and After Organizing Linen Closet

The Coat Closet

Here is our before, and please know, there is a pile sitting outside this door as tall as the closet, I almost forget to take the BEFORE.

To see the AFTER you gotta see the post!

Our entry closet/hall closet is now clean and organized and you won’t believe how it looks!

disorganized coat closetI am not even sure if I got a great before and after photo, but I can tell you I feel so much better.

Literally, the coat closet was over-stuffed with ‘items’ we don’t even use, and the kids had grown out of long ago.

Our donation bag was not a single bag, but 4.

Once I rid all the ‘extra’ I then dug into matching gloves, hats, scarves.

But that was just the beginning and today, it’s still clean, and so accessible.

I wished I had used my DIY skills to organize this closet so much sooner!

This leads me to the biggest disaster of them all.

Our Master Bedroom Closet.

I’ve already told you the story of the closet at the beginning!

Walk-In Closet Renovation

Before you even start, toss, donate, etc.

Purchase tags and containers to fit the shelves.

Don’t forget metallic markers.

Before and after corner of LUNDIA USA closetThe closet is all-star IMO.

Everything has a place and I worked hard to eliminate more.

I am a shoe-a-holic and I parted with dozens after I realized what I actually wore and needed!

Clothing, well, there’s a lot, but don’t forget I am a travel writer and my destination all require different clothing, so no judgments!

You too can create this incredible closet, see what all I did to master this mess.