Getting Real With A Bathroom Renovation

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You might think that a newer home does not require a new bathroom, but when we initially built our home, we built it with the basics and the builder was pretty unyielding to change.

I assume he had bought in bulk and we would just have to suffer through it.

Fast forward 9 years and now everything that was new is old, and it has been through the likes of 5 people, and 3 children and in constant use.

The bathtub was not able to be repaired we already called in a plumber after attempting a fix ourselves.

The toilet does not want to flush and the sink faucets, leak day long and the handles don’t function.

Time for out with the old and in with the new and that famous thing we do ” Casa Vento Renovation” in a bathroom.

Lavishly live Getting Real with a Bathroom Renovation out loud and grab a few tips.

Getting Real with Renovation

Casa Vento DIY Renovation Thoughts –

Here’s what I know about me, when we delve into shower we go big or go home.

I state what I think, I mean what I say and then I build a list off of my wants and current ‘not haves.’ What I have learned is if you don’t voice what you want, you are not going to get it.

Doing home renovations ourselves means time and effort and tons of communication from me to my husband and vice versa.

We feverishly debate the pros, cons and nightmare stories of others and our own.

Then the true renovation begins because we got gritty with it and sold ourselves on what WE want the most.

No matter what happens I will get this bathroom done the way it should have been, the way I wanted it not the way the builder in the development wanted.

No more junk fixtures and yes that is a call out on poorly made fixtures.

The Brand for Getting Real With A Bathroom Renovation

I am going to say this over and over Brand matters and the ONLY brand I will EVER Have in my home is KOHLER for it’s reliability and classic style.

End of story, I am a KOHLER Girl and I would ask all of you shopping to open your eyes and let them melt on the sexy fixtures that will seduce your bathroom with elegance and innovation. Kohler does bathrooms well.

Getting Real With A Bathroom Renovation

Make a list of what you like and dislike about your current bathroom.

Be real with the list, get gritty with it, and express your truest wants and get rid of the other unwanted stuff.

You are doing a renovation ONE time, make the most of that time and change it up as far as you can, and building in all you missed before.

  1. I hate the faucets, rather, the sink bowls are too shallow, while the faucets do not turn on and off easily, and I would prefer longer handles, a longer neck, a shorter neck, etc.
  2. The sink bowls should be granite, singular, double, larger, wider, more colorful, more neutral.
  3. The lighting needs to be fluorescent (said NO ONE Ever), softer, bigger, brighter, with a dimming switch, recessed, etc.
  4. Flooring needs to be easier to clean, waterproof (able to take on a small kid flood) brighter, steam mop possible.
  5. Toilet needs to be more elongated, taller, touchless to flush, separated flushing for number one and number 2, greener to help the earth
  6. The shower needs a glass door, and no more shower curtains because even on good days, shower curtain liners are mold catchers!
  7. Inside the shower needs shelving, not the kind that harbors mold, and mildew, check for bamboo options.
  8. A bathtub is nice but keeping the water warm for a while rather than adding more water would be better, what options do I have?
  9. Access panels are necessary, period. End of Story. No questions Asked.
  10. A bathtub and a shower all in one are perfect for resale (am I really going to sell my house one day? Ummm Yeah!)
  11. Hanging racks, fixtures, toilet paper holders, light plate switches ALL Matter because it is all about the detail, so pay attention.
  12. Keep the paint gender neutral, you will thank yourself later.


bathroom renovation, getting real with a bathroom renovation, nails, floors, ceiling toilet, bowls, color, fixtures, flooring, paint, work load, timing, walls, faucets, basins, tubs, showers, curtains, list it, wish list, go green

Now we can begin, this is our before. There is a shower/tub combination, with a shower curtain.

We have double sinks and a very basic toilet. The lighting is just simple and does the job but I want more (that’s why I lavishly live life out loud!)

Plan for everything that you can. Make sure if you are not doing the electrical you have an electrician scheduled and the same with a plumber.

If you are planning on installing fixtures, make sure you have enough electric. The floors need to be waterproof, not resistant, this is a bathroom.

Figure out how much time you have to commit to the work in progress and how long until you want it finished.

Plug it all into a calendar and STAY on SCHEDULE. Trust me, there are no coffee breaks when the weekend warrior time rolls around.

We get up, get out of bed and dig in. I personally can’t live in crazy chaos, so we start and finish as soon as possible.

It keeps the debris down, and my sanity in check.

Stay tuned for the lovely fixtures I am about to replace these outdated ones with. It’s time for a lovely upgrade!