Glass Beaded Bracelets From Nepal

Once upon a time, in a far away land, a princess had a bit of colored sparkle on her wrist, as did her Mom, Aunt, and all the duchesses and cousins from the surrounding kingdoms.  Each had a matching bracelet and then an additional bracelet(a stacked effect) with different colors representing their town, village or kingdom and the matching to signify their family kinship.  The ladies all were at a special royal picnic, and the color theme for the picnic was red, black and white, which were the family colors and displayed prominently on each wrist. The picnic was no longer the amazing event, rather the display of matching, glass beaded, bracelets and those that were different, as they were displayed uniformly from girl to lady. Who had prepared these amazing glass beaded colorful bracelets? Was it someone in the village? The rumor began to spread far and wide that these beautiful one size fit all bracelets were each handcrafted in Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. This is the tale of lavishly living the most dashing, glitzy, glass beads out loud, jewelry fit for a princess but priced for the common folk!

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A Little Background on Sashka Glass Beaded Bracelets

The princesses, duchesses, aunts, and girls, being oh so very smart, knew that if they purchased their beautiful glass beaded bracelets from Sashka, they would be empowering the wonderful Nepalese artisans by providing an income through fair trade. Every bracelet made at Sashka is handmade with the finest in glass and sterling beads!

Fair Trade In Fashion – Glass Beaded Bracelets

Fair Trade meant creates an equitable global trade model, making it beneficial for all parties involved in the creation of products to the end results, helping to benefit the farmers, workers, and consumers on the earth!

Glass Beaded Bracelets FAQ

holiday, glass beaded bracelets, dana vento, jewelry, accessories, bracelets,

The glass beaded bracelets are so beautiful they sparkle with or without light and there is a color to match every possible outfit you will style.  If yo have a team that you play for, you are sure to be able to find a color to represent the team, that you can all wear.

I love that these are water resilient and can be worn day and you simply don’t have to stop sparkling which is fabulous! These can be made smaller if you place the bracelet under hot water

You do not have to take them off daily. They are very durable and can be worn in the shower, pool, etc.. If you would like to make it smaller you can roll it on and then place it under hot water and it will shrink to its original size. Talk about a roll-on easy-to-use product!

20% Off Glass Beaded Bracelets

The price on these beauties is going to make you shine with sparkling happiness. they are only $12.00 — WOW, for such a lavish indulgence the price is incredibly attractive as well! Sashka is not only about Fair Trade but about being overly fair to their consumers:  How about a discount of 20% off using the code BLOG at checkout so you can shine, sparkle and accessorized with glass beads.

Lavishly live jewelry, sparkle, bling and glitz out loud with a lovely Sashka Glass Beaded Bracelet.