Halo ~ UNSC Night Ops Gausshog


Get ready for a night of fun, action, lights, sounds and building as Mega Bloks presents the new HALO UNSC Night Ops Gausshog.  I found my oldest son, under his bed,  building, lighting and creating a village to destroy. He was making a personal battalion of blok men to crusade against the enemies.


As he built the 239 piece UNSC Night Ops Gausshog he then used the vehicle to move through the tunnels he had created out of shoe boxes and he maneuvered the vehicle to a barricaded street.  There he met the enemy and the fighting began.  The artillery comes with the figures, which are three, and each has their own weapon.  UNSC Spartan Warrior, Pathfinder, Knight Lancer all are included figures.  Each is able to fight and take on the enemy.  The greatest feature of this set if the fact that it has a 360 degree rotating Gauss Cannon, and a real working suspension  that is specially engineered  with floodlight that light up and the vehicle sounds.  This is sure to amuse any 8+ year old and it had my teen(13) building, playing and battling for hours!

The sounds include 5 authentic In-Game Sounds, that are realistic and ‘cool’ according to my son.  If you are looking for a great Holiday Gift for your 8+ year olds, this is it! The HALO series delivers fun, and imagination for the older genre of blok builders.