Hassle-Free Wireless Chargers that Make Life Easier

Apple watch wireless charging Our world moves fast and most of us always have at least a smartphone with us right?

You need hassle-free wireless chargers that make life easier and I know some that are amazing!

Keeping your phone charged and ready is one piece of the equation for staying in touch.

However, there are other things we use that need charged as well.

Consider how much tech you own that needs to be charged?

Today I am about to reveal hassle-free wireless chargers that make life easier.

In order to move about, we need our tech with us.

Tech is only as good as it is charged right?

What pieces of tech will I help you charge?

Your phone, your watch, and your earbuds.

Did you know that these tech pieces can all be wirelessly charged?

Since I am a bit of an Apple Snob, this post is only going to share Apple Compatible products and those that are Qi-Compatible.

Just saying!

Use this list of hassle-free wireless chargers that make life easier as ideas for gifting Dads, Grads, and holidays!

Hassle-Free Wireless Chargers

Products have been provided, opinions are my very own, based on trials with each product and a long-standing relationship with the brand!

Nomad is the brand of choice for all my Apple Accessories, from cases to watch stands, I can’t get enough!

iPhone Vertical on wireless charger

When it comes to gifting, well, they carry great items for that special someone in all our lives who own APPLE Products.

The Nomad products are rugged and reliable which is what I look for in accessories.

The like I have inserted today will help you navigate to the main page, so you can explore all the options.

All my products are there as well!

Sleek & Sturdy Apple Watch Charing Stand: Hassle-free Wireless Chargers

Apple Watch Stand

Apple Watch on Aluminum Charger by NomadPlace your watch on this extremely sturdy stand for your Apple Watch and walk away.

It’s sleek and perched so you can STILL see it.

The charging wire fits effortlessly into the channel you will never wish you ‘had charged your Apple Watch’ because it will just become a habit.

Wireless Charging iPhone and Apple WatchBecause it is a higher profile and you can still see it, you could use it next to your bed!

Other words you can describe this charging stand with is sturdy.

It offers an anodized finished coupled with a weighted base and rubber non-slip bottom.

Watch by Apple being charged without a wireSolid construction from aluminum and ready for use by your nightstand!

Before you ask it is compatible with Apple Series 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.

Additionally, the measurements you can use this with are 38, 40, 42, and 44mm Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and Apple Watch Edition.

Base Stations With The Ability To Charge up to 4 Devices

Solve charging with this incredible Nomad Base Station

wirelessly charging phone and watchSo this device is not purely iPhone, rather it is for any device that Qi-enabled.

Also, it will work with AirPods Pro and AirPods with a Wireless Charging Case!

Truly it’s a workhorse as you can charge up to 4 devices at the same TIME!

Offering 3 high-power charging coils, and it can charge 1 or 2 phones wirelessly.

Don’t forget there are 2 out ports: (1) USB-A and 1 USB-C PD each offering an 18W output capacity.

There are LED charging indicators, and it’s a padded leather surface.

Angle My Wireless Charging with Another hassle-free wireless charging options!

Base Station Stand that’s Angled by Nomad.

AirPods with Wireless ChargerHassle-free charging options don’t stop with a flat base station, you can find an angled one!


Home or office?

Nightstand or Desktop?

There are two high-power coils that power up your iPhone, AirPods Pro, wireless-enabled AirPods, or any other Qi-compatible device!

Use this vertically or horizontally, whichever you prefer (that is the placement of your device!)

Charge my AirPods Wireless

So you’ve got either the AirPods Pro or wireless-enabled AirPods and you want to be able to use your wireless charging case?

Here’s your solution.

Take the Airpods anywhere because you are now the owner of a 2 piece RUGGED case that offers an optical light pipe for the LED Charging indicator on the AirPods with a Wireless Charging case.

Crafted from genuine, vegetable-tanned leather it will patina with use!

Bonus Item, That has Nothing To Do With Wireless Charging!

Mouse Pad in Slate Gray Leather

mouse pad from Nomad leather

Oh, how I fell in love with this mouse pad.

It’s large, leather, and packaged so pretty I did NOT want to open it.

The presentation on this alone screams, ‘Gift Me!’

No matter what you choose, these items are all perfect for that tech-loving person in your home.

Be that person you or someone else.

Hassle-Free Wireless Chargers that Make Life Easier will help you stay charged and ready by simply placing your tech on the charger without stopping to connect a cable! ~ Dana XO