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Ever-evolving, always maintaining, and forever elevating, that’s how Dana Vento of DanaVento.Com has become the brand and writer/influencer she is. I’ve been a media representative, a local expert, an HR Corporate trainer, and a Chef.  I am an award-winning travel writer, recipe creator, and DIY’er.  

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Collaborations with Dana Vento

Lifestyle Writer/Influencer and that’s the short story. Call it lifestyle content or call it a dedicated work ethic in areas that interest me, and MY READERSHIP and social fans. While my website is about my ‘life’, yep there’s the lifestyle moment, the rest of it is about travel, food, and DIY.  

Collaborations with Dana Vento + Big Travel Moments 

Dana Vento is an Award-Winning, travel writer, who has also been featured on large travel websites with feature articles, and my travel photography* has been used in travel brochures for large tour operators, which is USA Based but offers tours throughout Europe! 

Winning travel awards or writing cohesive articles on Niagara USA, and dedicated insight to Cabarrus, 2 years in a row, before the travel industry closed for COVID definitely was a big moment! Yet, I am going for more, why stop? Other destinations need to be highlighted too right? 

Travel collaborations with dana vento

To top that, I’ve recently had four (4) articles featured in Google News in Travel Topics and that’s been over-the-top amazing! 

And, while not the last, or the least, Social Animal just named Dana Vento No. 46 of the top 101 Travel Influencers to watch! 

SO, my question to you: why dear destination, resort, cruise line, VRBO, Airline, when will you host, sponsor or have collaborations with Dana Vento? 

Collaborations with Dana Vento: Culinary, New Menus, Restaurants + Travel 

Islands of Loreto celebrity chefs collaborations with dana ventoIf I told you that one of my bread-making recipes has over 2 million pins, gads of images sent replicating it, and endless praise would that be a head-turner? 

My recipes are all about simple ingredients yielding a big taste. I am not at Tik-Toker, I do however create simple follow videos instructions as well as recipes that are printable. 

Still not enough to persuade you to work with me? Well, then there’s this: Chances are you have downloaded some of my recipes, or watched my videos for making food and didn’t even know it was me, because I write for large brands who hire me on as a ghostwriter, and well the rest is already in your belly! 

One brand, in particular, is a monster website for food recipes with appliances such as air fryers, steamers, bread makers, induction top cookers, toaster ovens, and more so I am sure you’ve tried my recipes! 

My Hidden Talent for other consideration for collaboration with Dana Vento 

Call it barrier breaking or just the want to level the playing field, car shopping needs to be changed! 

This talent is not really hidden, but it’s not at the forefront but it’s what I love. Cars. I’ve been test-driving cars since, 2012, writing or videoing the stories and there’s more. Knowing as much as I do about a vehicle when it comes to car shopping and a very ‘male-driven’ (Pun intended) market, I was featured in Redbook for my savvy skills for car shopping. 

In fact, I’ve been able to successfully purchase my last 3 cars, at very much below the sticker price, find incentives most don’t know about, and then work the price down to include things that are not normally included. 

Last, since I’ve been behind the wheel of many brands, through collaborations, and driven the vehicles through many states on vacations, that I always consider these car reviews treasured moments. I mean, being placed in a car to share it with my readership is amazing!  

Writer/Influencer or Spokesperson?: Collaborations with Dana Vento 

collaborations with dana vento

Lifestyle? What I’ve learned over the last 14+ years: I am uniquely qualified and able to take on many different jobs within the realm of DanaVento.Com.

Behind the camera, in front of the camera, on social media, on tv, radio, interviewing, sharing, smiling, and contributing, it’s all part of me. Here are a few of the fun and mentionable moments but there are more: 

  • I’ve been featured on all of the local Pittsburgh news stations, as a consumer expert from phones to shopping!
  • Formerly was a weekly content producer for 100.7 Bubba Show with Melanie Taylor for ‘Frugal Fridays’
  • Local Popsicle spokesperson (working with legal and qualified food certified handlers side by side during this sponsorship)
  • Shop n’ Save online spokesperson.
  • Gabriel Brothers Store Host (Erie PA)-
  • Gabriel Brothers media representative for radio and television for Grand Opening.
  • Boscov’s Content + Collaborator.
  • Feature in Redbook, Real Simple, Around Pittsburgh, and more!

Collaborations with Dana Vento + How 

Local Pittsburgh Events – Hosting, Co-Hosting, or attendance – I would love to be part of your event, please reach out to me at DanaVento@Gmail.Com

Press Trips:  If you have a destination, location, event, attraction, or restaurant you want to be covered, I would LOVE to work with you on providing that coverage. I offer solo coverage or +1 Coverage.

Sponsored Use Of Social Platforms – products, brands, content, or destinations wishing to have themselves spotlighted please inquire.

In the Kitchen With Dana Vento: FOOD INDUSTRY (sampling of some brands I’ve worked with)

Shula Burger * Outback Steakhouse * Olive Garden * Bonefish * Max & Erma’s * Carrabba’s * Wente * Ninja * Mrs. Fields * TCBY * Frieda’s Specialty Produce *Long Horn* BJ’S *  Food Lion * Red Robin * Touch Pro *Keurig * Shop n’ Save * Giant Eagle * Instant Pot * Calphalon * VIKING *ALDI *Pizza Hut * Sam’s Club * RAGU * Skinny Girl Wines *HARD ROCK CAVE*BRAVO*Rosewill Appliances*Vinotemp*Avocados From Mexico

Collaborations with Dana Vento in the Travel Industry 

Until Covid happened, I was packed up and traveling about 36 weeks a year. Sometimes for the week, sometimes 3-5 days, and other times 14 days. Everything depends on the destinations want and my curiosity. Here are just a few of my sponsored trips. 

Carnival Cruises * The Residence Inn * Wyndham Vacation Rentals * Niagara USA * Visit Myrtle Beach * Visit Virginia Beach * Tucker County CVB * Phil’s Tours Belize * Victor Bodden Roatan * Tours Plaza Cozumel * Belize* Costa Rica* Cozumel*Barbados*Bonaire*Walt Disney World * Busch Gardens Tampa * Hard Rock Hotel Universal Orlando * Universal Orlando * Kennywood * Experience Columbus * Gatorland * Kennedy Space Center * COSI* KIA* Hyundai USA * Mazda USA *Mitsubishi * Best Western Virginia Beach*Virginia Beach Aquarium *Island Cycles in Avon *Legoland Parks *St. Maarten*Holland America*Ireland*Outer Banks*Duck, NC*CIE Tours* VIKING Cruises*New Orleans*Gallup New Mexico*Colorado Springs*Durango Colorado*El Paso Texas*Visit Wichita*Visit KCK*Chicago*Cinncinatti, Ohio* Hocking Hills Ohio*Lake Erie * Put IN Bay Ohio

Previous Collaborations with Dana Vento in Technology

In my former life, in corporate America I was a wireless phone kind of girl, That knowledge translates to an in-depth understanding of wireless but the love of wireless tech. This passion is not limited to simply wireless, it’s everything and anything that accompanies and powers it up as well. What an amazing field! 

  • Comcast * Verizon Wireless * Speck * Otterbox * Best Buy *Nomad Goods*Sprint*TMobile

DIY + Collaborations with Dana Vento 

There’s no DIY too big or too small and Dana and her husband tackle them all. From DIY Staircase makeovers to Walk-in Closet makeovers, bathroom renovations, and outdoor updates, DIY’S keep things around the house fresh and updated! 

These are just a few of the brands I’ve worked with. 

  • KOHLER * Dutch Boy * DEO * SHARK *TEXTURE Plus*LUNDIA USA*IKEA*Gianna Granite*Little Giant Ladders*Blindster.COM


*Winning Southern Delaware Instagram Image: dune crossing in Cape Henlopen State Park, June #MySoDelSummer