Holiday Entertainment, Travel and Cleaning

It’s the best time of the year to travel and see those you have not seen year long right? It’s over the hills and through the snow for all the traveling this holiday season, or your house might be the one getting filled with guests. Either way, you want to make sure you have everything you need to travel, clean your bathroom or entertain your guests! Part of a traveling is being comfortable and keeping items with you that help you stay comfortable, as though you have never left. If you are the one hosting holiday guests, any item that helps you keep a bathroom rather cleaned up is definitely a friend.  As far as entertainment, there are a lot of things you can do besides the normal card games, you just have to know what you are looking for. The holidays are here so are you ready to lavishly live, beauty, DIY and entertaining out loud?

Holiday Travel

Portable Oral Irrigator ~ ToiletTree

ToiletTree Products has an exciting new product and I got to take a look at it.  This is a collapsible oral irrigator which is small enough to travel with you anywhere you go or you can simply keep it at home in  your bathroom.  This allows you to have a fresh, clean mouth anywhere, anytime! The small size does not mean it does not clean, rather it does a great job cleaning, it is just much more compact.  The travel pouch comes with this so you can tote it anywhere you go and additionally you will be receiving 2 replacement tips and a charging plug! This is perfect for those mouth-obsessed that can’t go without their tools when traveling or for those that don’t have a lot of counter space as it is compact in size but powerful in cleaning! Anyone that has bridges, braces or other dental work in their mouths will love this as it is a powerful water jet that removes debris that is often lodged in those dental pieces or often between the teeth! The cost is Under $33.

Cleaning that bathroom 

Holiday Entertainment, Travel and Cleaning

Are you ready for holiday guests? Who ever is, right? This little find that I got to test run will have you keeping a cleaner shower door and shower walls on a nightly basis, leaving the bathroom cleaner, meaning less scrubbing before company comes! Hoorah.  Meet the ToiletTree Squeegee with a Built-In Spray Bottle. You choose the cleaning solution you want to put in the spray bottle and just spray on demand nightly or daily when you use your shower and you will have a cleaner looking shower as you are up-keeping daily, rather than just before guests.

  • Squeegee with integrated spray bottle
  • High quality rubber blade leaves surfaces streak free
  • Water resistant hanging strap and suction cup hook included for convenient hanging storage

The cost on this great little find is under $15!

Tech – Hello Kitty Speaker 

tech, holidays, portable speaker, hello kitty

My daughter is all about her music, in fact, no matter where she goes she plays music, however, she is often using her phone as the speaker and that does not work well. The music that comes out of there is warbly and it would be better if she could let it PUMP out loud. Meet the Hello Kitty portable speaker.  This is a Bluetooth speaker that syncs really easy and it is so easy to use. The music transitions from her phone into the speaker and this is the best little speaker I have found for her to date. The Hello Kitty speaker fits in the palm of her hand, her coat pocket, etc and transports with ease, this is a must have for anyone who loves Hello Kitty or the color pink! This charges in less than 1/2 hour and it plays for about 2 or 3 hours at a clip!


Holiday Entertainment, Travel and Cleaning

Give your crowd in your home, Rotten Apples. Not literally, but in the form of a new game.  If you love just hanging with your family and friends get ready to have fun with a little irreverent, provocative fun.  This is a trending new game that offers edgy wit … Rotten Apples brought to you by the No Kidding Company, and they truly are not kidding with hilarity.

In this latest twist on the trend, players are challenged to devise the most creative, edgy and hilarious responses to prompt cards – all with a bit of a bite J The game play really reflects individual personalities as players choose cards to complete simple phrases…the fun is in the choice of answers:  they can be as innocent or risqué as the players involved.  It’s the cards with dual and suggestive meanings that can lead to the biggest surprises.  Basically the game will be guided by the players and the dirtier and smuttier they want it to be or the cleaner they want it to be is totally in the balance of the crowd you have playing.  A few drinks in, might bring out the fun a bit more!

Overview of Play:

Each player is dealt 10 Green Apple cards.  The Brown Cards are placed in a pile.  The Apple Picker (dealer) reads a phrase featured on one of the brown prompt cards such as:  My guilty pleasure? ___________.

Players each choose green card(s) from their hands that they feel best fit the prompt. The fun is in the choice of answers – they can be as innocent or risqué as the players involved – friends or family. It’s the cards with dual and suggestive meanings that can lead to the biggest surprises.

The benign choice might be: Cold hard cash 

The more provocative answer might be chosen from: Bondage, Lingerie, Taking things into your own hands, Something pink, A stimulus package

The Apple Picker selects their favorite “answer.”  The player whose card is picked wins the round and becomes the next Apple Picker.  The first player to win three rounds and collect three Brown Cards wins the game.

It’s the game that will get friends talking with fun topics to discover just how rotten they really are. This is where I say it really depends where the player’s minds go as to how deep and fun the answers are.  The game will never be the same twice and if you play it with different crowds it will be very entertaining! Make those holiday gatherings a bit more fun, or those fun friend nights a tad more ‘rotten’ where the fun is there and the tasteless answers can begin.  This games is for those that are 17+, retails under $23, and can be found at Toys “R” Us.


 Scents of the season – Beauty 

Thanksgiving from Coffee To Clean Up , oxiclean, marley coffee, pie, food, dining, baking, holiday, thanksgiving, relatives, laundry, stains, stain fighting, dana vento

Walking into one room of my home offers my olfactory a few different combinations from all the different little humans in the room. I have the teen that is trying to wear his colognes and learning how to groom, the littler one still using baby cream to keep moisturized and my teen daughter that always is warmly scented with different sprays and creams! Are you getting ready to tie those packages up and finish the shopping but still need a few pieces for that special someone on your list? Get ready for a few great scents, that come ready to wrap and give. Jingle, jingle, it’s time to lavishly live the holidays out loud with scented body creams, and sprays.

Scents from Bodycology

Ready for a splash of fragrance that offers energy and all over freshness but is budget-friendly when you purchase this great gift set from Bodycology.  This offers a pretty clear pail ready to give and hosts Toasted Sugar fragrance mist and Body Cream, Truly Yours body cream & Fragrance Mist and a Body Buffing Pouf.  Toasted Sugar offers a blend of vanilla, brown sugar and sensual amber, while Truly Yours offers sweet freesia, lilies and musk.  This set is perfect for any teen that wants a bit of a fragrance but does not want to be over-committed to a smell.  These are light and wear nicely while not being offensive.

Piper’s Perfumery Holiday Collection 4-Pack ($9.88 at Walmart & This beautiful box set contains four fun and festive 3.4oz fragrance mists in Sea Salt & Rosewater, Sheer Blue, Eye Candy and Naughty & Nice. This kit is the perfect introduction to Piper’s collection!

Lavishly live the holidays out loud with beauty, DIY and entertaining! Happy shopping.