Holiday Travel With The Residence Inn

I would like to thank the Residence Inn for sponsoring today’s discussion on Holiday Travel! There is nothing easy about the holidays, traveling and family and the person that tells you there is… well they are not really giving you all the pros and cons! Let’s face facts, when you all pile into Aunt Martha’s for the weekend,  the initial day is great, but after that, there are dibs on  bathroom time, lack of comfort from creaky mattresses, and plenty of other squabbles that arise! Truth be told, if there is a Residence Inn in the vicinity of a family home, take the opportunity to reward yourself, your hostess and your entire family by giving yourself all the comforts of home, a space to let it all hang out for just a bit and a little whim of separation that does a family good! Travel with your family, keep your sanity, a sleep schedule and let the snoring begin, behind closed doors and separate from it, so you don’t have to hear it! Let’s lavishly live out loud with a quick how-to Holiday Unwind with The Residence Inn.

The Residence Inn

The Residence Inn offers many amenities for families and one of the best things I find about this brand is that they are set up for extended stay, you know a few days or more.  There are drawers, closets, and multiple rooms all within ONE reservation.  There are sleeping areas with doors that close from other rooms, so you can have just that most needed mommy minute and many of the locations have pools, fitness facilities and allow you to get your own space. I love this brand because they get families. One of the hardest things to do is travel with a family, as you all have your won  habits that when in  your own home are fine, but when combined, and then aggravated with the onset of tiredness, it gets a bit much to accept. Arguments begin, kids start to get just a bit out of hand and well you have the perfect storm brewing right in your own realm.  Before anything happens: long before Aunt Martha convinces you to stay in that bed, that creates your back to not be able to sit up for weeks after the trip and before the kids and cousins join forces and convince you its best to stay together, book your room at The Residence Inn and claim your sanity! Family is great, but sleep and sanity are necessary!

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When traveling to Aunt Martha’s for the holiday your family of 5 jams into one bedroom, because your sister’s family of 6 is crammed in another. Air mattresses grace every inch of the ground, tossing, turning, snoring, and no rest lead the way for the next day disasters where the kids start getting cranky and you are tired from lack of proper sleep and a few drinks later, a few sorted words are spewed and all I can say from here is “Happy Thanksgiving” — Is your season giving you too much of a good thing? You bet.  While getting together is grand, a few hours apart, and in private is well-earned. You listened to the same stories that Uncle Jim has been telling for years, you watched Aunt Gert drop her dentures into her water glass and then drink, and someone let a hamster go free and that is about all you can handle right? Don’t get me wrong, the holidays are great and get together’s are fun, but separation is sweet, as it allows you to digest the contents of the day as it unfolded and proper digestion is necessary to allow you to rev up for the next day gathering.

A well-rested family is a great family and traveling is made easier with The Residence Inn.  Space is something that is not longer bartered, in fact, you can have rooms with multiple bathrooms and separate sleeping areas with doors, so there is no snoring happening when you don’t want to hear it.  Aunt Martha can send leftovers with you, and you can reheat them in your full kitchen, letting her have a little time and space to prep up that next meal you are about to consume with your family.  When the bathroom calls, if you chose a room with a few bathrooms, you are in luck and there is no waiting in line just take yourself in. Whether you want to love on the hot water, or use the facilities, it’s all there for the taking because The Residence Inn knows what you need!

Feel Like A Stuffed Turkey Because of Holiday Travel? 

Residence Inn, Ambassador, Holidays, Travel, Extended Stay, kitchen, bathroom, living area, space, family

The fitness area is looking better when you feel like a fat, stuffed turkey right? Hit the elliptical or the treadmill and then take the kids to the pool and indulge in a little family time with your own family.  Once you have kind of family de-toxed, shower up with your own personal bathroom, dress from a closet, not a suitcase and walk out the door like you own your look, not like the clothes have owned you.  Use an iron in the room, without asking Aunt Martha to borrow hers and then, when you return, slumber in bliss from a full night of laughter and food, because you can close the door and get some shut-eye without everyone in the family snoring on you!

Residence Inn, Ambassador, Holidays, Travel, Extended Stay, kitchen, bathroom, living area, space, family

The Result of Holiday Travel With The Residence Inn

What will probably happen is the party will move just a bit, from Aunt Martha’s(who would never admit it, but deep down she is thrilled to have a bit of peace and quiet at the end of the night) to The Residence Inn.  Chances are, if you go, your sister will too and the kids will be able to party it up in the elevators(lol) as well as the pool and enjoy family breakfasts together, because they are included with your stay! What I know is that I visit Aunt Martha to enjoy her, my mind is calm, my kids are ready to see their family and cousins and our days are great. What I get at night(sleep) is wonderful and Aunt Martha gets space.  When we all come back together over the course of the next few days there are no unpleasant moments from being sleep deprived.  I think more clearly and I function well, which makes for a great holiday.  The Residence Inn, is the perfect solution to getting together over the holidays and keeping separate just enough! Are you ready to lavishly live the holidays out loud?