HomeGrown Wichita Quintessential Daytime Eatery.

 I heart Wichita Kansas and this daytime eatery makes a trip to Wichita a memorable one! In fact, HomeGrown Wichita is quintessential to any time spent in Kansas. 

HomeGrown Wichita. Positive Actions Cultivate Kindness

Fresh, artisan prepared for, that will make you swoon and everything from beverages to meals are made with only the finest ingredients! Those ingredients are LOCALLY sourced and make this daytime eatery absolutely POPULAR. 

7 Best Tips For Bites and Sips HomeGrown Wichita

When you find a restaurant like HomeGrown Wichita Daytime Eatery you become a joyful jumble and share it with everyone!  I consider HomeGrown Wichita an institution of locally sourced ingredients that delivers big on taste and prosperity of the local community! 

My meal was hosted, opinions and images are ALL my own! 

HomeGrown Wichita Daytime Eatery Cultivated for You  

Should you go to dine at the HomeGrown Wichita Daytime Eatery? Do you like food? Then the answer is a “Hell Yasssssss!” Wow, that was easy! 

So I am a very particular foodie. I believe in fresh food, served with a smile when I am dining out. Add to this, the fact that I am always craving creative, inventive menus, that let you eat like you are at home, but someone else gets to do the dishes and you’ve got ‘Dana’ all summed up. 

Think of it like a menu that offers buttered noodles and the smile that the offering brings to your face. Homemade happiness in a few foods we know and love! 

Get The Most Out of Your Foodie Experience at HomeGrown Wichita Daytime Eatery  

 7 Best Tips For Bites and Sips at HomeGrown Wichita

Your dining experience at HomeGrown Wichita is a true foodie expedition with yum wrapped into every bite and sip! In other words, you are going on an empty belly that wants to chomp, indulge, discover, feast, and polish off every last morsel.

Your HomeGrown Wichita experience will be this in every way!

No. 1 Homegrown Wichita Cultivate Kindness 

Kindness abounds throughout the entire restaurant from the greeting staff to the management. You will have many food ingredients in your prepared foods. They work with locals to support locals, so you are also supporting all of them! Yahoo. Big win and that’s how they cultivate kindness. 

HomeGrown Wichita Daytime Eatery

The philosophy to ‘cultivate kindness’ is strictly abided by HomeGrown. From their incredibly friendly staff to their food partners, they completely embody the Cultivate Kindness climate.

What makes a great restaurant is when it involves the community and HomeGrown Wichita has local partners. So what makes this great? The people and the food! Positive community actions build a strong daytime eatery! 

Your food is freshly curated eats, not processed, and not delivered by a food purveyor.

No. 1 There’s A Bar Y’all at Homegrown Wichita. 

What makes this so imp[ortant? Well, Momma might need a cocktail in the morning!  Upon walking in your olfactory will kick into overdrive and then you will see the bar.

From alcohol to juice, cozy on up and grab a seat. Sip. Sip. Hooray!

Speaking of the bar area, it’s really pretty in here. The Bar Area is colorful and the source for those specialty coffees too. See, I can find a lot of reasons to sit at the bar, but the best is yet to come!

No. 2 ~ Insider’s Know to get to HomeGrown Wichita Daytime Eatery Early! 

HomeGrown kicks from open till close, but, it really gets busy come 8:30A. If you have ever heard the phrase, ‘the early bird catches the worm’ it is more the ‘early arriver gets the seat!’

There are booths, tables, and bar seats, and lots of them, but it’s so good here, lots of people come. Get ahead of the crowds, arrive early before anyone is up! Since you got there early, make sure to follow my next insider’s tip!

No. 3 Watch The Sun Rise and Get Jolly Green about it at HomeGrown Wichita

HomeGrown Wichita Jolly Green Giant Morning Drinks

You are up, and you need a Sunrise or Jolly Green, both of which are cranked at the bar. No, there is no alcohol in these drinks, they are Power Juices. Inside of the Jolly Green is apples, cucumbers, celery, spinach, kale, grapes, and lemon.

HomeGrown Wichita Jolly GreenThe Sunrise is a mix of carrots, apples, pineapple, and fresh ginger. Once you try this, there’s simply nothing that is better. The flavors are perfection. Also, the fresh-squeezed orange juice is simply fantastic. It’s not over-pulpified, rather it is smooth and tasty. Order a glass.

No. 4 ~ It’s 5 O’Clock somewhere or at the HomeGrown Wichita Bar 

Sunrise Margarita HomeGrown Wichita

Yes, to a fresh margarita, always. See it. Ask for it. Enjoy it. Sip. Sip. Hooray! 

The only thing missing was Amy (our friend at HomeGrown) being able to hang out and drink one with me! 

What’s in that HomeGrown Wichita Sunshine Margarita? 

HomeGrown Wichita MargaritaPut your hands around that glass filled with fresh squeezed OJ (see I am doing something healthy right?), Patron Silver Tequila, and orange liqueur.  Sip. Swallow. Repeat! You might even try to follow a sip with a bite of that food on your table!

Truly, you might have gotten up early for your breakfast, but the Sunshine Margarita might slow you down a bit, lol! From my first sip to my last, it was excellent.

No. 5 ~ HomeGrown Wichita Coffeecake Will Rock Your Socks! 

Are you ready to dine on what I believe could curate a cult-like following? Trust me, this coffeecake is going to be something you will remember and come back for!

HomeGrown Wichita Coffee Cake


The coffeecake is good on its own, but when you add that Buttermilk Caramel Sauce to the top…..whhhhoooaaa! Want to talk about a foodgasmic moment? Well there it is and it all happened with a bite of food.

No. 6 ~ Homemade Pop-Tarts at HomeGrown Wichita. Sprinkle me happy! 

HomeGrown Wichita PopTartGrowing up, PopTarts were a staple. I loved the gritty cinnamon taste, especially when it was heated. Yum! Are you with me? However, within seconds of consuming the HomeGrown Wichita PopTarts, those traditional boxed toaster pastries have been put to shame and shall not rise again to my lips.

PopTarts at HomeGrown Wichita

I have done been spoiled! Yes, I know that English is not proper but it does describe the foodie moment I had. You will note that it was a moment because from the moment my teeth sunk into these Pop-Tarts I chowed down fast!

Seriously you did not think I would share something so good even on a girlfriend getaway! Every Gal for herself when it comes to food!

No. 7: Avocado Toast at Homegrown Wichita will have you green with envy! 

You can eat here even if you don’t like eggs or eat eggs or are a vegetarian, etc. Honestly, that a hard find! Plus the HomeGrown Wichita food just elevates culinary bliss to the next level, like OMG for lack of better etiquette words! 

Fruit cups + Avocado Toast at HomeGrown Wichita

Every morning at home, I have my own foodie ritual creating new forms of a basic Avocado Toast. I love it. Now for those of you that are judging, stop! Do I tell you not to eat eggs and bacon? TO me, Avocado Toast is like that platter of bacon and eggs you are eating!

My point, this was the Best Avocado Toast I had on the road, the kind that comes close to my own style. What it did not have on it, and I wish it would have (only because it would have mirrored my daily creation) was Arugula.

My First Stop Next Time Through Wichita will be HomeGrown

For sensational dishes that will always please and food that will keep you coming back, HomeGrown Wichita is the place. Simple foods, not masked with a ton of ingredients, just boasting lots of flavors.

These are my 7 best tips for bites and sips at HomeGrown Wichita. Cheers! 

See you soon! ~ Dana Xo