How To Wear A Big Necklace

Once upon a time, in a land far away, moms actually took time for themselves, shopped and coordinated outfits.  Excuse me, can I go there please? I seem to find myself rushing around on a continual basis, as I shuffle kids from place to place, often overwhelmed by the day itself and the full schedule. While I am pretty much on top of my game with clothing and buying before I need it, I tend to fall in the passive side of purchasing basic accessory jewelry that will spirit up my suits, tees, camis, tanks and office wear.  Big necklaces and sets are all the rage right now, but have you ever tried one on?   In the midst of these days, stopping at a store to grab a sweater and shirt for the upcoming meetings I have over the next few days is nothing different, but what would be different is actually adding something other than a basic gold or silver chain.  Big necklaces have a certain appeal, but can you wear it comfortably?  Pulling off a fashion piece that is trending is easier than you would believe, I just left my comfort zone and went big as you can see below.  Is there a way to bring color to a less than colorful wardrobe? Lavishly living out loud often creates the need to make bold statements so when I found this box in my jewelry treasures I had to share it with you and let you see the jewelry.   I fell in love with the concept of matched-up, set to go out the door bold and beautiful!  Jewelry such as earrings and necklaces have a wonderful way of making basic necklines pop, and shirts appear more dressed up, but how do you know if you look good in these items? This necklace is big, bold and floral the latest in trending jewelry but is a big necklace right for you? How do you buy a big necklace and make sure it looks right? Read on for details. jewelry, fashion jewelry, majestical jewelry, fashion, accessories, dana vento, How to wear a big necklace My latest acquisition is a lovely set which is comprised of both a necklace and earrings.  This years’ fashion catalogs everywhere are boasting florals and bright colors for spring and summer so this necklace set is locked into the upcoming fashion trend.  Is it heavy and going to weight down your neck, nope.  The color is brilliant as the purple is more passionate than amethyst and the blue is royal and brilliant.  The faux diamonds give it a bit of bling while the earrings are just simple and accentuate the necklace with grandeur. What I like about this set is that the deep blue will let me cheat time a bit and move into the fall season as well.  If and when I get tired of the set, it is not expensive enough to worry about parting with so it won’t be a farewell that leaves me upset.

HOW TO TRY ONE OF THESE BIG NECKLACES OUT Snap up a wardrobe by adding a little color to what you are wearing.  IF you are scared of a necklace this size:

1) go to your favorite retailer and wear your favorite tank top in black.

2) Try on a bunch of necklaces and see how they feel and how different they make your neckline appear. The mirror who may never be your friend will NOT LIE to you, stare into it and see what you see.

3) make sure your purchase is from a retailer that you can return to and keep your receipt in case you don’t like the feel of the jewelry once you get it home.

4) remember as with all ‘fashion jewelry’ it could turn you green if it gets wet(I had a friend who had a green neck for days(lol), so steer clear of rain or take it off after it gets wet.

5) travel to a fitting room and try it on with different pieces you find in the store, or even build an outfit around the necklace.

6) remember, less is more, so keep the tees, cami’s and shirts one color until you get the hang of how to wear a big, bold piece.  Once you see how to wear it, and work it, then start mixing your stripes, florals and prints into the mix.

7) if it is heaving and pulling on your neck, move on to the next piece.

8) if you find a piece that pulls at the light neck hairs or pinches, ditch it, it always will do this.

9) make sure you can actually put the piece on yourself(clasp)

9a) Find a color that you love and don’t stop until you locate a piece in that color, never compromise because you will never be satisfied with whatever else you pick(I KNOW!)

10) and never, ever ask the lady at the jewelry counter what she thinks, unless she is wearing a big, bold necklace, because chances are, she won’t know what looks right on you.. you will. Get in front of that mirror, pull your  hair up, put it down and gaze at the person  you see!

While following these may not find your the perfect necklace, it sure will help eliminate some of those awful choices the stores put on their racks to just tempt us with.  If it feels like armor take it off because you don’t need weighted down, life’s problems are heavy enough on their own.  This piece should be bold, beautiful and full of color.  Pick what you like, wear what you feel comfortable in, and enjoy the new snap of color in your wardrobe.  Spice up your favorite cardigan, or your most basic tee by simply going big and bold.  Lavishly live life out loud with fashionable, trendy necklace sets that will set your outfit apart and color you happy!