Iced Hot Chocolate With Peanut Butter

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I crave all the delicious drinks that are way to high in calories, so I got creative in my quest to satisfy that driving demand for chocolate, peanut butter and of course a COOL drink in the hot summer.  My story kind of begins like this: We were traveling and we stopped at a large chain gas & snack shop, and I saw this Iced Hot Chocolate.  Craving the taste of chocolate and loving the fact that I could ‘snort’ chocolate chips up through my straw as I saw someone else doing I had to order this drink.  The results were a fairly satisfying beverage, followed by guilt, and stomach upset because of THEIR Ingredients.  That was it, I had to have this fabulous drink in my life, without the guilt of sipping on something that was so rich that the calories were just OFF the chart and of course the fact that my stomach was ill after the drink.  Here’s my solution to lavishly living food out loud and the resulting recipe for Iced Hot Chocolate With Peanut Butter that just rockets off the charts in taste, yet it allows me to maintain a Low Carb diet(LCHF). This beverage can be made with regular products or with low fat or fat free so it is very conducive to every eating lifestyle.  

Grab your ingredients, and I might add it is going to vary from person to person as to how much to add.  The only STRICT thing you need to adhere to is the type of Hot Chocolate you use in order to keep the CARBS down.  I used the lowest calorie one I could find and it keeps my carbs well below where they need to be on a daily basis, yet provides a delicious snack.

Gather Your Ingredients

Iced Hot CHocolate, peanut butter, chocolate chips, lchf, lo carb, drink, beverage, food blogger, dana vento, pittsburgh, easy to make, recipe, foodie, ice, water, hot chocolate,

1 Tbsp – 2 Tbsp of Peanut Butter (depends how many carbs you can have in your diet and how thick you want your drink)

Chocolate Chips(the smaller the better) (I used 12)

Ice (1 Cup of Ice)

Water (3/4 Cup) more or less according to how thick you want your beverage

1 packet LOW CALORIE(Fat Free) Hot Chocolate Mix

Add everything to your blender,  or Ninja and Pulse.  That is all there is to it, see it here. You will want to serve with a very THICK Necked Straw.

A few things you want to know

More Ice results in less flavor, but you can add a splash of Chocolate Syrup if you want more, remember to count in Sugar on this, so don’t go overboard.  Chocolate Chips will fall to the bottom of the drink, they do suck up quite well through fat straws(which I found at Walmart).  I used Fat Free Hot Chocolate Mix because I am counting carbs, if you are not, feel free to use whatever kind of hot chocolate packets you would like.  Peanut Butter is fine on the LCHF Diet if you don’t over use and if you don’t add in too much because it is a Carb.  I try to find any peanut butter that is lower in sugar content, but read the labels, not everything is made equally, so I can’t suggest a peanut butter, just read labels if you are carb counting.  Carb counters already know which peanut butter to buy.  I adjust my water more or less to get the right consistency and the consistency depends on the amount of peanut butter you use, if you use 2 TBSP it will be thicker, if you use less, it will be a thinner shake.  Water helps me counterbalance all the thickness.

This is so easy to make and of course perfect to knock out that craving for chocolate without really indulging in a candy bar or a high calorie snack. The ice adds consistency and makes the drink go further and of course is perfect for hot summer days when you want hot chocolate but need it cool.  Lavishly live food out loud with this indulgent drink that offers you a great change-up on hot chocolate as you enjoy Iced hot chocolate with peanut butter.