KIA Forte – Big Power Little Car

Kia Updates

The KIA FORTE LX is a really great little car! The car is small as compared to what I drive on a normal basis, a large SUV that seats 8.  Having driven the KIA Forte LX over the past week and a half I have really been enjoying the pick up the car offers.  While this may sound very ‘girlie’ it should because I am a girl and I don’t know much about vehicles except that I know what I like and how it should feel to me!

In my old SUV I hated merging from the ramps because the vehicle had a lack of pick up and go.  Once I got my new SUV things moved along a lot better and I have been fine with merging there is just a lot more car to merge.  The KIA Forte LX has very little car to move and the ability to just move and does it ever!

The photo above is truly a great item to have! This lets me know my average MPG.  Look at that 31 MPG:) I could never come near that in my SUV.  The car is truly a gas savings alone, but add to the fact that it really picks up and moves you have a sensational vehicle for just about $20K!

road in erie

This photo is from Erie the other day.  I could not wait to charge down the road and feel the speed with the car:) The KIA Forte LX and I have traveled hundreds of miles and we will continue to travel until our journey ends next week!

Stay tuned for more adventures of Pittsburgh Frugal Mom Driving a Kia Forte LX