KIA FORTE LX Traveled With Me To Erie, PA

drive KIA

As I have been busy running back and forth to Erie as the media correspondent for Gabe’s –helping to announce the grand opening of the new Gabe’s in Erie, PA., I wanted to tell you how I got there!  I was not in my SUV, I was in the KIA FORTE LX, 2014!  I want to share with you what I believe are key features for those of you considering this vehicle.  The compact efficiency of this vehicle provides a great ‘frugal’ ride because the cost of gas is so little and the MPG earned are large! Unmistakably, KIA!

I am definitely an SUV Girl, no questions asked, but I absolutely love the pick-up the KIA FORTE LX offers.  As I merged off of 79N from stops along the way, I never even questioned the ability to patch into traffic effortlessly because the KIA FORTE LX just moves.  The vehicle offers an incredible amount of power, and I am not talking about skidding and laying tire, I simply mean that when my foot is on the gas, the vehicle really goes.  I do have a basis to compare, pretty much 4 other vehicles, in addition to a few rental cars we have had.   I can tell you beyond the shadow of a doubt when I needed to merge the car really moved.  Getting on and off for the Rest Area stops is one of the things I disliked the most, but the KIA FORTE LX made it easy.

Bring On The Heat

I am always cold, and I have to say that so many cars we have had, test-driven and spent time in don’t have great heaters. Maybe it is because the car is smaller and there is not too much space to cover or maybe it is just that the heater is good, but either way, the car was warm and I felt warm for my entire drive!  I consider this a plus because the weather has been 30 degrees.

Rock Out All The Way

My gas mileage was incredible in the vehicle.  I am averaging about 24 MPG and that is on the digital readout.  What I do miss on the vehicle is a digital speedometer which I am accustomed to on my SUV.  The stereo is so easy to run because it is all on the steering wheel.  I can change stations and the volume with the flick of a finger and my hands never leave the steering wheel.  I also like that I can see what every station is playing before committing to the station, a really nice feature! The Cruise control, wipers and everything to make the vehicle run are right front and center on the steering wheel as well so it is a command center that makes driving very focused. I never took my eyes off the road, because everything was right within my eye’s sight!

Beveraged Out

When I travel I like to drink, my coffee, my water and I keep the vehicle stocked so I can keep moving.  I love that the center console has cup holders and that the side door also has one as well. I had it stocked with all my favorite beverages and I had to do nothing more than swing my hands to the glasses.

There are all key features that make driving effortless and easy and when you are driving distance or even driving close it does make a difference!

Stay tuned for the Adventures of Pittsburgh Frugal Mom in a KIA Forte LX.  I want to thank KIA for this fabulous driving opportunity