KIA Sorento Meets The Magic Kingdom

Today’s adventure with the KIA Sorento, led us to the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida.  We packed up all 7 seats with both gear and people and off we went.  We were so happy to have a great sunny morning, with the temperatures reaching almost 80 degrees today, which led to driving with the SunRoof open.  Rather than run the a/c, we touched a button and the SunRoof opened.  We enjoyed fresh air to and from the park. This is my tale of lavishly living transportation in a great vehicle out loud as we headed to one of the most magical places of all: Magic Kingdom.

The Kia Sorento Meets The Magic Kingdom

The blind sided mirrors as previously discussed were a great big help when merging with all those cars vying for a space to pull into the parking lot.  Fear not, with this nifty feature on the KIA Sorento, the blind spots that normally exist don’t because the mirror sensor takes all the hard work out of driving.  We were happy to have this when a few drivers with less than enough caffeine came up next to us, and we needed to merge, without worry, we did but the side mirrors alerted us that they were there.
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We loved the car actually being able to be parked in a normal space(remember I drive a huge SUV at home) and we never worried about finding a great spot to park in because of size. The car maneuvers easily and truly handles the road like a dream.

Gas Mileage Kia Sorento

The gas mileage we have been achieving driving from place-to-place has been averaging about 22 miles per gallon.  We are stopping and starting a lot, and our speeds are not consistent when driving, so we are pleased with the mileage based just on those facts.

More details to come on the KIA Sorento.  I can tell you that the seats offer up cool air for your back and bottom and that feels really great after a full 13 hours in the park! The Kia Sorento is resting tonight and getting ready for its next stop at Hollywood Studios. That is how I lavishly lived transportation on a visit to the most magical place in the world: The Magic Kingdom, in Orlando, Florida and how the Kia Sorento met the Magic Kingdom. 

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