Lavishly Popped Away

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Snacking is something that we all do and I love to indulge in my favorite foods.  One food that is low calorie and can be air-popped is popcorn.  What there seems to be are a bunch of products to pop the popcorn, but each of them have some special ‘catch’ and with a one kernel wonder, how much of a special machine could you need to pop the kernel?  I lavishly live out loud popping every kernel of corn in a very simplified bowl and you can too for under $7, cheaper than any popper out there on the market and it works better than anything else you can buy. Calling all those vegetarians, vegans, gluten free, nut free, low calorie, popcorn loving snackers, this is the tool of the century!
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I initially tried a paper bag and that was not one of my favorite ways to prepare popcorn, because a) I could not add oil and b) I never remembered to buy more paper bags.  One of my favorite kitchen tools is probably the most simplistic tool but it allows me to lavishly live snacking life out loud and it is perfect for gluten free, nut free, vegetarians and those that just love great tasting snacks.  For a long time, I used a crank handle popcorn pot, but the residue from oil actually gunked up the crank and it broke.  After looking into all the possible popcorn pots I could purchase I decided on the most simple of them all, a bowl and a lid for the microwave.

What is this incredible bowl? It is the best $7 I ever spent.  This works in the microwave, and popcorn pops within 3 minutes and you yield about 12 cups at a time.  The corn pops with or without OIL and I often fancy it up with olive oil, or flavored oils to make the flavor more intense it only takes 1 Tbsp to make it!  The popcorn is fluffy, delicious, and fresh in under 3 minutes and you can sprinkle any toppings on it.  The bowl is dishwasher and microwave safe(however I have found it better to wash the bowl by hand to get the oil out).  Your bowl will be chip proof, unbreakable and heat proof.

You do want to know that the lid gets very warm and moisture builds on it, so be careful not to get burned.  If you over fill the bowl, with more than the recommended kernel amount it will spill over in the microwave.  We often use gloves to take the bowl out of the microwave to make sure we do not get burned.

If you love popcorn, and popcorn snacking, this bowl is a must, as you can make in and snack in all one unit.  The storage is easy as it is a bowl and it will let other items sit in it.  We have used our bowl endlessly and it is the same today as it was the day we purchased it years ago! Get popping and get lavishly popped away.

Nordic Ware did not ask me to endorse this product or test it out! This is just Dana Vento sharing a great product!