Magical Helpers For The Season

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The season is here and it is shop till you drop and cook till you fall over! My feet hurt from walking, my back aches from baking and yet I do more and more! The days before the holiday are fast and furious and I am ALL over it as have a few magical helpers for the season.  Thirty-One is my first stop long before the Holidays because Momma has to have her groove and I can’t catch it until I have the magical helpers that make the season merry and bright.  This is my story of lavishly living the most celebrated season of the year out loud and using a few magical helpers that let me shop till I drop and cook till I can’t cook anymore!

Magical Helpers For The Season

This is my totally seasonal red Large Utility bag.  Shopping is the reason for the season and so many great things are out there I just can’t wait to grab them all. The problem with shopping is the hauling it back home and trying to keep gifts a surprise.  My sons love to go poking around in the bags I haul in, but that is not going to happen this year because I will be toting in One Large Thirty One Utility bag that keeps all my gatherings together and all the nosey-poseys OUT!  This is my Swirl Dot Large Thirty-One Utility Bag!

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Swirl Dot

You can see we loaded it with candy just a little while back, but it has a lot more uses for shopping and for storing stuff! It is such a durable tote, I can’t live without it!

The handle is strong the storage is large and it lets me shop till I drop.  Off season this fabu tote gets filed with pool supplies or it travels to the gym when I go!

Off to the kitchen with Thirty-One

There are so many days that I run in and out and I just don’t have time to change into crappy clothes to cook. My  solution to cooking and baking for the holidays while still being ‘mom the chauffeur’ is my Thirty-One personalized apron. No one can grab my pocketed apron but me as I have my own initial on it so everybody knows its hands off. Gather together Apron is what this is and it is amazing!

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The deep pockets are perfect for a cell phone and for a few pot holders. This is machine washable and I toss it in my bag no matter who’s home we are traveling to because I don’t want my holiday clothing messed up -I love the grommets making it much more durable and the waist has a nice tie string! Do you see my letter “D” if your name is not DANA you better not have my apron on, lol!

Get ready for the season of merriment, parties, gatherings and total shop-a-hauling, because it is upon us. Style yourself up with a Large Utility Bag from Thirty-One, keep your clothes on while cooking cover up with the most stylish of all aprons with an embroidered Initial! It is time for you to grab your Magical Helpers For The Season just like I did so you can lavishly live the season out loud.