What are the Most Versatile Sunglasses to you?

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What are the most versatile glasses?

Is there even really an answer to that question?

The most versatile glasses to one person may not be the same as another.

We all have our own opinions.

What makes up a versatile pair of sunglasses?

Where do you find great sunglasses?

How many pairs of sunglasses do you own?

When you find the right sunglasses how much do you think you should pay?

Do you have different sunglasses for different occasions?

Are you a minimalist with the mindset, ‘one good pair.!’

Have you stopped for sunglasses recently?

What are the most versatile sunglasses?

Most Versatile Sunglasses

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Here’s what I know about sunglasses and versatility.

If you buy a good pair, that means investing in a brand/designer name, you need to wonder where they are all the time.

You need to keep tabs on those glasses because you paid a pretty penny for them.

Meaning, we are discussing eyewear that costs over $150+.

When you step back and think about what you could spend money on versus what the designer frames cost is it really worth it?

Again, everyone has their own opinion and budget so this will vary greatly from person-to-person.

I can tell you from personal experience, I’ve lost more sunglasses in the ocean, swimming pools, and on multiple travel-writing fam tours than I care to admit.

I’ve watched people lose their glasses over Niagara Falls USA, and down sewers, and in amusement parks and off of cliffs we have been on and out of hot air balloons.

Obviously, you can tell where I sit on this fence and why, but, again, I have designer sets I keep in reserve just for particular occasions.

Therefore, I kind of sit on both sides of this debate.

More is Less When It Comes to Most Versatile Sunglasses

So do you believe that more is less when it comes to sunglasses?

That would mean that you want a case, a huge price tag, and a brand name. many sunglasses piled up

Let’s look at the aviator glasses.

Perhaps you crave a brand name and a stress-resistant frame.

You might also be the same person that vows to not lose your sunglasses.

This also sets you up to always remember where you placed them each time they are off your eyes!

Your ideal pair of glasses might be a pair likes these Oakley Split Time Metal Aviator Sunglasses.

The price tag on them is almost $200, and they are a luxury brand, right?

But more is less to you, so you may purchase these for the name, but what about other options.

More is Less the other side of the coin

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To you, more is less on sunglasses when you can have more than one pair.

In fact, you are the person that buys a few pairs of each style and the cost is never more or $30.

IF you lose a pair, it’s on to the next.

While your intent to have more is to just have them, not to lose if you do, it’s not a small fortune lost, right?

Again, you find these slick aviator glasses with a tint of pink in them for Under $25.

Do you want a bargain or do you want a designer brand?

You are the person who decides what are the most versatile sunglasses.

aviator sunglasses
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Less Is More and Less Gets you More.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes paying less is a great thing?

In other words, the brand that costs less is more?

How about a case with those glasses?

And what if they are polarized?

Now, the bonus, they are under $30?

SOJOS Classic Polarized Ultra Lightweight Flexible Aviator for men or women has this!

It seems to me, that while trying to be neutral and writing the article, I have found cause to state less is more!

Seeking the Most Versatile Sunglasses?

I’ve been looking a lot at sunglasses as I get ready to travel again to new places.

Sunglasses are the quintessential travel item that allows me to enjoy the days no matter how shiny the light is.

I prefer the under $30 collection, so if they go off a sailboat we are sailing in for a sunset cruise or if I drop them off a cliff we are hiking atop, no worries!

To each their own and good luck seeking the most versatile sunglasses no matter which type you find.

Do consider these sunglasses for men and use the link as a price gage as you shop.

Additionally, try out these sunglass options for women.

I am sure between those different links you are sure to find the most versatile sunglasses. ~ Dana XO

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