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Need a Spokesperson?

Are in need of a spokesperson?  How about me? Spokesperson found!  If you are really looking for someone to align with your brand and to positively represent it in the eye of the public, let’s talk.  We need to get to know more about each other! 

spokesperson dana vento

How about a blog ambassador or media correspondent?  Are you looking for a face to match up with your brand?  Let’s chat.  I am camera-ready, well-spoken and professional?  Take a look at my YouTube Station to identify with my persona and contact me at DanaVento(at)gmail(dot)com so we might speak about your opportunity and I can provide a more intense media kit for you to study about my abilities.

I have a full list of Services Offered that will provide you a little insight as to what I am looking for and perhaps our wants will meet.  Learn all about my Policies.