Vegas Authentic Old School Italian Dining

You won’t be disappointed if you love Italian food, a piano bar, and a chance to wear the glam with ‘that’ dress you’ve been waiting to use in Vegas!

Let’s travel back in time without leaving the present to the Iconic No. 1 Authentic Vegas old school dining experience with entertainment!

Vegas Old School Italian Dining - large portions, great aesthetics

A beacon: Vegas Old School Italian Dining!

We were so excited to be invited to dine with Piero’s Italian Cuisine in Vegas. Get ready to have fine Italian defined by the ‘old school’ dictionary!

When you seek out an authentic Vegas old school Italian Dining experience, you are looking for ambiance right?

It’s not just the food. A balance of food and ambiance creates the echo of yesteryear.

Pieros Vegas Car Parked in lot - Vegas Old-School Italian Dining

Vegas baby! Here you will find that old school Italian dining experience you most crave and when you leave your belly will be filled!

Authentic Old School Italian Dining Done Vegas Style!

Inside Pieros Vegas old school Italian Dining Front EntrancePutting a fork into this description goes like this: I would consider the best authentic and traditional Italian food I have experienced in a long time.

Piano bar entertainment strikes a rich note in your soul, while the food is authentically prepared to make you feel like you’ve traveled to Italy. Slow your roll (dice, lol), and step back to enjoy old school Italian dining in Vegas.

Call it retro, throwback, old school, just call Piero’s and make those reservations, there’s nothing else quite like it!

Experience: Vegas Old School Italian Dining ~ Right Off The Strip

This old school Italian dining experience is right off the strip in Vegas so it’s close enough to all the fun, yet you can claim it as an ‘off the Vegas strip experience!’ Just thinking ahead for all your social media shares!

Defined: Old School Italian Dining

From the parking lot to the dining area, it’s a blast from the past in classic elegance and old school combined.

Vegas Old School Italian Dining right off the Strip

Prepare for an evening of Old School Italian Dining

Let’s term this ‘fine-dining so go ahead and wear that favorite dress you’ve been waiting to bust out.

  • Your table will be dressed in table linens and dimmed lighting, which makes you comfortable.
  • The longer you stay, the more you will want to eat, drink and taste the foods!
  • Expect bread and butter dishes, and silverware.
  • between all of your courses, the silverware will be slid off the table and traded for clean.Inside Pieros Vegas old school Italian Dining Room and Bar

The Captain keeps your old school Italian Dining sailing smooth!

The Captain monitors the whole room, in addition to interacting with staff and patrons!

Bussers, servers, and sommeliers all tend to you and will interact with the Captain. As stated before, it’s like cruise ship dining only better!

You’ll want for nothing because someone is always about!

Vegas Old School Italian Dining. Classic Booths

Atypical Dining: Vegas Old School Italian Dining at Piero’s

The old school Italian dining menu at Piero’s is large in offerings. Your meal and all its courses won’t be rushed between courses.

  • Slow as to not rush you.
  • Watched and tended without intrusion on your evening (from water refills to bread crumbs)
  • steady at to keep the food coming without pushing you out
  • yet paced to keep you delighted and not able to sip at your beverage between bites!

Each menu item is prepared with the ‘best’ ingredients and that results in delectable eats.

HighLights before the Reel. Old School Italian dining

Signature Italian dishes, incredible ambiance, and white-glove service (reminded me of a cruise ship) are just a few highlights of Italian dining experience you will forever remember!

The best Vegas old school Italian dining destination is also iconic. Many a movie star has dined here and in fact, Robert DeNiro & Sharon Stone filmed a segment of ‘Casino’ at this restaurant and we sat at their table! Where Sharon Stone sat, my husband sat, and I sat in DeNiro’s seat! XO ~

Get dressed up, glitter, glimmer, Uber to Convention Center Drive right off the Vegas strip. Get ready to experience the ‘Soprano’s‘ vibe or to travel back in time a bit to when ‘classy classic’ was the front-runner ‘ rather than ‘casual everywhere!’

#1 Authentic Old School Italian Dining: Dress up. Fill Up! Life is good.

Vegas old school Italian dining Restaurant Sign

Dress for the Old School Italian Dining Atmosphere

The destination is classic and ‘classy’, something you may not get to experience in a lot of other Vegas venues. You won’t be disappointed here. The suggested dress is simple yet dressy.

I noted that most guys were dressed at least in dress slacks and dress shirts, while most ladies were in a dress or dressier clothing. Don’t ruin the atmosphere with jeans and athletic shoes, it is not that.

Vegas Old School Italian Dining outside of Piero's restaurant - Entrance & Parking Lot

If you do not LYFT Or UBER there, you will find a parking lot with plenty of parking (valet). From the outside, I already felt the Vegas old school Italian dining experience we would soon enjoy inside.

In fact, it reminded me of a place in Pittsburgh, Montemurro’s that offered the classic Italian entrance and food that just crushed the Italian pang!

Make a reservation, it gets really busy, locals have their own tables, pretty much one section of the restaurant.

While it is large, the food and word of mouth travel down the strip and across the USA (a thing called YELP and TripAdvisor) lend a hand. It’s that yummy.

Our Table Lends Itself to that Old School Italian Dining Feel

famed Piero's table. Vegas Old School Italian Dining

I do believe I mentioned we sat at the exact table that Sharon Stone and Robert DeNiro filmed ‘Casino‘ in. Michael sat in Sharon’s seat and I was in DeNiro’s, but how completely cool. Personally, it is a bucket list item I never knew I had, lol!

The Stuff We All Miss & Piero’s Delivers Big On

Think back to old school Italian dining experiences. What do you recall? I mean I am not old but things have changed RAPIDLY in our culture and dining atmospheres.

Dinner was serviced by a server in a suit, not a simpleton tee. Dessert trays were always the highlight of the meal.

A bonus back-in-the-day was when the owner was on-premises (which was like always right?) and he would visit the table.

Yep, just a few of the highlights from our recent Vegas old school Italian dining experience.

Vegas-style outstanding service with that old school Italian dining feel, simply what we love and Piero’s has it!

Captains, servers, and more.

Captain of the dining room Phillipe at Piero's. Vegas Old School Italian Dining

Actually, the restaurant kind of works like a cruise ship, only better.

In the dining area when you’re sitting and eating you will have a Captain, this was ours, Phillipe. Not only is he a fountain of knowledge, but he also loves his job and it shows. As fate would have it, we came to learn that Philippe used to work on a cruise ship and he is French. Phillipe knows the menu inside and out and he will recommend foods for the evening.

Insider’s Tip: Vegas Old School Italian Dining

Piero's Old-School Italian Dining MENU Tip

Don’t order from the menu, rather order what’s on special! While the menu has a lot to offer, you would miss out on the specials. Phillipe offered us his insight on ordering (which is this tip) which guided us to make incredible decisions. Truly, listen to your Captain!

In Pittsburgh, we had regularly visited an old school Italian dining experience where if it was on the menu, it was a NO, but if it was the Chef’s pick it was always a big Yes! Just a throwback memory I wanted to toss in!

Presentation: Old School Italian Dining in Vegas!

When you see how the staff hustles because it’s busy, you’ll understand this very special Vegas old school Italian dining thing! All hands on deck is the best description. The captain actually double-checks the trays before the server brings them over.

Water servers tend to your water glasses and your silverware and a food runner (those in white coats) bring everything else in between.

Actually, this is so old school, and how things used to be done, it was not just a ‘cruise’ thing. Don’t call the restaurant dated, that is its nostalgic charm and why people come here.

You have to understand the restaurant is what was yesteryear.


What is an Italian dinner without wine? It’s not an Italian dinner. We ordered Chianti wine it was nice and bold with a smooth finish. Somewhere between our first and second glass of wine, I believe our wine was upgraded.

The second glass was definitely more bold and robust than the first and the color was darker. (ok so I drink a little wine, it’s an Italian thing!) Definitely preferred the second glass of wine, over the first, more full-bodied and dry!


Alright, I told you not to order off the menu for the main course, but totally use it for the salad and select the Garbage Caesar salad and then whoever else is in your party should order the Limestone salad. Go totally Italian and share each other’s food!

My Salad Limestone Salad

Made moments before serving and such a delicate green to work with, and one of my favorites. Bibb, Boston, whatever you choose to call it is so light and dresses up so well. Look at this creative presentation.

Limestone salad. Vegas Old School Italian Dining

Phillipe suggested “Don’t go with salads you commonly eat, rather, try something different. Limestone salad is living lettuce a full head presented as such. I am such a salad girl and yet this presentation was just awesome! A full head of buttercrunch (Boston lettuce, Bibb lettuce) they are all fairly similar, comes plated to the 9’s and 10’s.

The Garbage Caesar

Transforming the ‘everyday’ Caesar into a work of colorful and edible garnishments. Open Wide.

Garbage Caesar - Vegas Old School Italian Dining

My husband is a die-hard fan of Caesar salad so of course, you can figure what is on his plate.

You have not experienced a Caesar salad until you have dined on the Garbage Caesar at Piero’s!

Carbs + Italian Eats = Yum!

What A Bowl Of Raviolis

Ravioli's at Piero's. Vegas Old School Italian Dining

I decided to go with ravioli stuffed with spinach and I was so excited to see not only the portion because I was starved thought they were handmade. Yes, I dragged my fork across the sultry sauce.

Once inside, there was a delectable pocket of cheese to meet my fork then ultimately my mouth! Are you curious if they were soft or firm? They were firm yet soft and easy to cut. There was nothing mushy in them. the sauce was not caked-on as you can tell it was lightly spattered across.

Veal… Is that for one?

Veal, butterflied, and bathed in both sauce and cheese. It would follow that, with a huge portion like this, you are not going home hungry, ‘that’s Amore!’ Old school Italian dining requires that the meals are big you can’t finish them, and if you do, you are All-Star!

Veal at Piero's - Authentic Vegas Old School Italian Dining

So what happened next was everything, LOL!

My husband was very very brave and took on the veal platter. This piece of meat took up the entire plate. As the owner walks by he said and I quote “you’ll never eat all that!” The funny thing was we were so hungry from our very very busy day but he did eat almost all of that LOL it was that good!

Veal and Ravioli at Piero's. Vegas Old School Italian Dining

One more look at what we both ate!

Dessert Epic Vegas Old School Italian Dining Must!

Dolce Vida ~ So Good You Will Want To Skip Dinner, but don’t~!

Any and everything on the pastry tray is definitely proportioned for sharing. Not sharing would be an Italian Sin, after all, you have to be pushy and say, “Open up honey you gotta try this” you want to be fat together right, lol! (forgive me, but we are both Italian, grew up in Italian households and our typical Italian family includes everyone insisting on trying everything.)

It’s the way our Italian households were and still are, loving and tasting-friendly. When we head out to eat, it would be the ‘Italian Sin’ to not share and insist the other tries it. “Try it, You Gonna like it!”

Cannoli, cream puffs and more. Piero's Vegas.

Sweettooth or not!

You know I’m not the Sweet Tooth kind of girl. And I would prefer a glass of wine over a desert however who could resist this tray…..

Italian Pastries at Piero's. Vegas Old School Italian Dining

Throwback Memory For Me

Back in the day, as a kid, when we would eat at one of our Pittsburgh Italian restaurants, the reward for eating dinner (as if we needed a reward) was the choice of a dessert off the dessert cart. #Memories and Oh My Dessert Porn here! You’ll savor every bite and then dream of its decadence over and over. Vegas Old School Italian Dining - Deesrt Porn at Pietro's

I think what I most like about going into Piero’s is how old school it was and it never missed a single beat on customer service.

My Dessert & Old School Italian Dining made me Love it more!

Dessert Tray Vegas Old School Italian DiningEach bite provides a forkful of YUM for lack of a better adjective and lures you to dig in more. Bite, tip it with your fork, taste, and then repeat. It’s my mantra. Travel. Eat. Adventure. Repeat.

Someone has to sacrifice their tastebuds! I pretty much believe this confection was made in heaven by the Italian Gods!

 Vegas Old School Italian Dining - Italian Pastry slice Pietros'

That old-school fashion tray service is what I remember having presented to me as a child and in the final restaurants which my parents took me to.

Piero’s: Beyond Old School Italian Dining

So today while I wet your whistle with things that we ate and offered a bit of ambiance, I simply did not share it all.

Oversharing takes away from the mystique of the restaurant. What I can tell you is there is no mystery and wondering if the food is good because it is beyond good it is delicious.

Piero’s Italian cuisine offers up a traditional, old-fashioned restaurant with an upscale vibe and delectable eats. Short of having Frankie sitting at the bar when you enter, it’s got everything else Italian you could crave! ~Dana

Our experience at Piero’s was completely authentic, from our servers to the food! My personal thanks to Piero’s for hosting this culinary writer and her husband. The time spent here is one we shall never forget!