1 Unforgettable Outer Banks Hang Gliding Experience

Outer Banks Hang Gliding — AMAZING!

Hang Gliding School with Kitty Hawk Kites
Hang Gliding at Jockey State Park

Jockey Ridge State Park, is where I had the 1 Extremely dynamic Outer Banks Hang Gliding experience I’ll never forget.

Yes, I took flight, and I HATE heights, but I did it.

Our instructor might have been the coolest, intolerably patient instructor, I’ve ever worked with.

My teens, all 4 of them, absolutely thought the hang gliding experience surpassed their expectations.

I went in the sand to play, and captured great images to share!

Extremely dynamic Outer Banks Hang Gliding experience?

1 Extremely Dynamic Outer Banks Hang Gliding Experience I'll Never Forget
Outer Banks Hang Gliding Experience with instructor

What could be better than a day in the sand and sun?

How about flying above the sand dunes?

Actually, Jockey State Ridge Park is the ‘tallest living sand dune on the East Coast’ and that alone earns bragging rights for, ‘been there done that!’

What can you expect at a beginner Outer Banks hang gliding experience?

Everything and more!

Dress casual, tee shirt and shorts, slather the sunscreen and don’t forget your sunglasses!.

You’ll take flight off a dune and your instructors will encourage you every step of the way!

Outer Banks Hang Gliding Experience

Kitty Hawk Kites Hang Glider
Kitty Hawk Kites Hang Glider in the sand as we prep to go uphill again!

My adventure was hosted, the story that follows and all images are my own, based on my personal experience.

Visit North Carolina, whether you are an adventure seeker, a foodie, or a beach-seeking fiend!

Distance from Wherever You Are Plus the Beach Roads. (ugh!)

We traveled from Corolla Light To Jockey Ridge State Park & Kitty Hawk Kites Hang Gliding School!

Watching Hang Gliding with Kitty Hawk Kites
My kids LOVED this experience and watched others in flight too!

We stayed in Corolla, in a Brindley Beach Vacation Villa, and headed to Jockey Ridge State Park.

At Jockey Ridge State Park, we are seeking Kitty Hawk Kites Hang Gliding School.

For your reference, we left at 2:45 P and arrived at 4:25P.

One-lane roads and people that don’t go anywhere near the posted speed, traffic, etc. all play into this so factor that in!

A Little Bucket List Info ♥ & The Outer Banks Hand Gliding

Kitty Hawk Kites Hang Gliding School our class As I mentioned before, Jockey Ridge State Park is the TALLEST Sand Dune on the Atlantic Coast?

Check that one off your travel bucket list!

Do Expect To Walk a Bit

Your Outer Banks hang gliding experience will be the highlight of your vacation.

For those that seek adventure with a new learning experience, the Outer Banks Hang Gliding experience glows!

You will walk to get to the location and up and down the dunes to take flight a few times, so bring WATER!

The whole adventure is in the sand, so you will get sandy!

Fast Answers: Outer Banks Hang Gliding adventure.

Prepping for Hang Gliding Experience with Instructor
Outer Banks Hang Gliding adventure. prepping with instructor

Outer Banks Hang Gliding Experience: Backpack or Not?

Bring a backpack and allergy meds if you have them.

Sure, it’s going to sit on the sand dune while you are taking flight.

Make sure you have water in there and you can store your phone too when you take flight!

Backpacks on sand at Outer Banks hang gliding experience
Our bags, while we were at the Outer banks, hang gliding

My bag sat atop the hill, with camera equipment and everything else I needed, it was FINE!.

On the FLIP side of where we sat, were other kites and people.

Outer Banks Hang Gliding Experience: Sunglasses?

Yeah, is the short answer, look at our faces and flights and watch the video!

standing with hang glider in the outer banks and sunglasses on
Sunglasses on and hang gliding in Outer Banks!

If you look at all the photos, you’ll see we are wearing sunglasses.

It’s bright, you are on the reflective sand and I would to shield your eyes!

The reflection of the sand is crazy and can be blinding.

Honestly, if your sunglasses drop off while you are in flight, they will fall right below you on the sand, not a big deal!

What Time To Take on the Outer Banks Hang Gliding Experience?

Our 4:30 slot was perfect.

While the sun was out, we didn’t die of heat.

climbing Sand Dune in Jockey Ridge State Park
Perfect Time for hang gliding

To that end, the sun glistened across the sand, while the wind was blowing.

It was warm, but perfect for photos, memories, and a new adventure.

However, everyone has their own time preference, so you decide, this is just my opinion!

What kind of shoes do I wear to the Outer Banks Hang Gliding Experience?

Really it comes down to personal preference.

Do you have shoes you wear on the beach and walk in with the sand?

Dressing to Hang Glide what shoes do you wear?
See the shoes we wore for our OBX hang gliding experience?

Anything you want, they are coming off the minute you get off the mini ‘boardwalk’ path that leads you to the sand dune area.

My crew had everything from tennis shoes to their slides!

My shoes at the Outer Banks Hang Gliding Experience
My shoes at the Outer Banks Hang Gliding Experience

OBX Hang Gliding Experience & Clothing choices?

Clothing for OBX Hang Gliding Experience
What clothing to wear at your OBX Clothing experience

Well, I would not wear a dress, if that is what you want to know.

You have to step into these ‘harness’ things (I’m not technical) and each has a separate leg hole if you get where I am going!

Shorts and workout clothes work well.

Tees, tanks, etc.

Anything comfortable, as you will be laying on the ground, moving your legs, and may get super warm from the sun beating on you!

Is this experience physically strenuous?

Strenuous manuerving of hang glider with Nick of Kitty Hawk Kites
Physically strenuous hang gliding?

Yes & No is the answer to how physically strenuous this hang gliding experience is.

First, the walkover requires the ability to walk on sand that might be mounded, soft, flat, already trotted in.

There is nothing but sand.

On hang glider practicing how to move with it
Practicing how to maneuver hang glider at Jockey Ridge State park

Hang Gliding Physicalicaty depends on you!

Once off the wooden pathway that leads to the dune area, you will go downhill, but quickly, you will ascend.

Let’s just say, it’s straight up and you are going to fight sand every step of the way.

I must have gone up and down the hill 15x during this, to capture photos and reset a Bluetooth device to shoot other images at the same time.

Flying in Hang Glider in Jocky Ridge State Park
The walk up the sand dune then taking flight

Tips For Getting Up The Dunes

Sidestepping is helpful.

For THOSE not watching and instead flying, do note that for every flight you take, you have to HIKE back up.

That is 6x up the hill, plus the first plunge.

Naturally, there’s the walk back as well.

Stamina as well as a desire to fly is what you will need.

Did I mention anyone NOT flying can just come and watch!

Hang Glider In Low of Dune with spectators
Spectators welcome while you take on your Outer Banks Hang Gliding Experience

There were plenty of spectators.

The Hang Gliding School’s Response To COVID 19

So now that you know you want to take flight, let’s clear the air about social distancing and cleanliness.

Yes, I too was worried, but, here’s a little help.

near sand on Hang Glider

First, every harness going on YOUR body is in a washing machine BEFORE you put it on, being sanitized between patrons.

Secondly, the helmets are also sanitized.

Third, your activity is OUTDOORS.

Once you take flight you are well beyond SIX feet as they are on the ground and YOU are IN THE SKY (well somewhat, let’s not get too crazy here!)

Nic at Kitty Hawk Kites discussing flights, and safety
Describing flights and safety and social distancing for Covid

It’s so Gonna Be Their Thing –

For those that love a vacation memory trigger, a good story, this is it!

Kitty Hawk Kites offers the largest hand gliding school in the USA (bragging rights on where you learned)!

Next time you sit around with your friends, you’ve got a great adventure to share.

Would we do this again?

My family is ready for lesson TWO.

1 Extremely Dynamic Outer Banks Hang Gliding Experience

This is really an Outer Banks experience I will NEVER forget, it was exhilarating and so fun!

Plus, I only share my vacations and things we do, when it was fabulous, felt safe, and makes for a great family adventure!

See you in the sand dunes with a Kitty Hawk Kites instructor ~ Dana XO