Overwater Bungalows Closer To The USA and Great For Social Distancing

overwater bungalows in background When you consider all the vacations out there, privacy is something you MIGHT crave.

Hotels and resorts are great, but, there are still neighbors and ‘thin’ walls.

If you have watched movies, you might have seen private bungalows over the sea?

In one movie, there is a group of couples together, and each with a private over-the-sea bungalow.

Each bungalow is equipped with a soaking tub, chairs, and of course the island they are ‘attached to!’

Since I have watched that movie a few too many times, for laughs and scenery (yep, that’s a thing), I have craved this vacation!

Overwater Bungalows Closer to the USA for For Vacation and Great For Social Distancing.

In fact, they are closer than those of us in the USA might realize!

You won’t have to fly to Fiji or Thailand to get the experience you might be craving (although each is on my bucketlist).

With social distancing set as a standard for most forthcoming vacations, consider private overwater bungalows for vacation!

For those craving different and beautiful in one sentence, I got you!

Social distancing from everything except water, and tropical experiences, that’s how a vacation should be!

Overwater Bungalows Closer to the USA for Vacation

overwater bungalow When you consider all of the options for a couple’s getaway there are a lot of places vying for your ‘romantic, reconnecting’ dollars.

Do you want to spend and have an experience that you will never forget or do you want to never forget what you paid?

Consider the era of social distancing, and how many others may be ‘flocking’ to the same area?

So, we are seeking overwater bungalows for a vacation that allow us time together to just be.

I’ve rounded up a few, and don’t worry about food, adventure, or activities, as each offers exceptional options.

Your holiday dollars will be put to great use, and you will return rejuvenated and Craving more!

What Can You Do At Overwater Bungalows closer to the USA for Vacation?

swimming by a private overwater bungalow First, if I have to fill in the blanks and it does not quite obviously come to you, maybe you should not be traveling together, lol!

Second, there’s way more than that IF You choose the right overwater bungalows for vacation!

We’ve all been couped up in our homes with our significant other.

For most, it’s either you are more in love now, or you are not.

If you are more the ‘in love’ then hang on to that and book one of these to keep that going.

However, even if you are ‘on the outs’ time together in a new place might bring that feeling back together?

At least consider this if you are under that mindset!

bungalows overwater many of them

#1 Your own private bungalow over the Caribbean Sea

Honestly, this private bungalow is on my TOP ‘Gotta go’ list.

My top pick in other words!

To be exact, your private bungalow is a solo act.

The private bungalow sits over the ‘warm’ Caribbean Sea.

Clear lines of vision and not far from the USA.

You can book this gem if you know where to find it!

Tai Nuare Lodge.

Located on Panama’s San Cristobal Island you will be dazzled and delighted by the simple elegance of this overwater bungalow.

Deep relaxation.

Rejuvenation and it’s no spa driven.

Romance if you so choose!

Surely an adventure you don’t want to miss.

Canoe, snorkel, hit the rainforest trails, kayak in a glass-bottom kayak, and meet the Ngobe Tribespeople.

Many Overwater Bungalows With Plenty of Privacy

So, this is on my ‘Gotta’ List!

I am hoping it happens sooner rather than later, as this has Dana-esque written all over it!

You all know I am fairly obsessed with Mexico and all of my Mexico travel experiences have been fabulous.

Every trip offers a new perspective, food, and great people!

Well, these bungalows, whether beachfront or over the water, are calling me!

El Dorado Maroma is another option for overwater bungalows (Palafitos) with plenty of privacy.

Located in Riviera Maya, over the Mexican Caribbean!

These however are more clustered together.

That’s not a bad thing I am just setting up your expectations!

Located on Maroma Beach, it’s just perfectly situated with no other words to describe.

Here you can stay Beachfront or Over the water, so you choose how you want to vacation, and either is pretty cool.

To consider beachfront, recall the movie, “6 Days, 7 Nights” and you will understand your rooming better.

The Palafitos Overwater Bungalows Closer To The USA

Truly an overwater experience you will never forget.

Morning, noon, and night, water!

Sunrises, and sunsets all while watching from your Palafito.

Each boasts magnificent glass-bottom floors and private infinity pools.

I am already packed and waiting to go, are you?

#3 on is in Belize. Overwater Bungalows Closer To The USA For Vacation

Having traveled to Belize, and falling in love with the destination, and the ruins, I want to go back.

However, this time, I want to stay at Thatch Caye Belize.

It’s overwater bungalows and they have one to suit every budget!

My vision of this vacation is in one of the 5 premier overwater bungalows.

Again, you can choose differently.

Hammocks, breezes, private patios, and the freshest in seafood top my list.

Rounding it out is the option that if these are sold out, I can still get into an oceanfront cabana, which works well.

The destination is a must on any traveler’s list who craves wanderlust and premium travel photography with a big side of relaxation and sun!

Which will you travel to?

Are you ready to begin getting out there yet keeping your social distance?

Every one of these destinations is perfect for your vacation away from it all!

Enjoy~ Dana XO

Dana Vento is a travel writer who loves to seek out new and interesting destinations to share!