The dreaded grocery store pickup is about to become a whole lot more appealing if you have one of these Packbaskets. I love being a ‘granola girl’ and using my own grocery sacks, but sometimes I just run into the store and I have to admit, I let them pack it in plastic. The plastic bags are then recycled at my home in trash receptacles, so there is a good trade-off, but the plastic bags are horrible in general as a way to transport anything.

Plastic bags may get you out of the grocery store, or they might break while you are on the way to the parking lot, waiting for the bus, or walking home, you basically have a 50.50 chance of grocery survival. The Packbasket Grocer is a solid must have companion to any grocery shopping trip. The Packbasket Grocer will keep you organized and keep things from rolling around.

The concept is a a bag that stands tall, and folds small. This is a grocery bag that is also a backpack(when needed), and it can be a multi-functional tote for moms and dads that are forever transporting and packing kids and their belongings. The Packbasket Grocer offers 2 hands for comfortable carrying and multiple strap positions for carrying. You can even carry the Packbasket Grocer over-the-shoulder. When you open the bag up, you will find a hard bottom that you simply press together and suddenly you have a rugged carrying bag that will support and maintain your purchases or items you need to transport. The inside of the bag has a frame that actually sets up once you open it.

The tote as adjustable straps which means you can carry it in many positions, whether you carry it on your back, or over the shoulder is truly your choice because it is that versatile.