The Pet Placemat

Nothing makes me laugh more than how we treat our pets as though they are actually humans. I love this and it is so refreshing that so many people have welcomed, cats and dogs in to their homes and treat them like royally or sometimes better than their spouses!(lol)  Microdry loves pets and they have a whole supply of pet products to chose from for FIDO!

Microdry Pet Mat

Where there is a dog bowl, there is usually a bit of mayhem, spillage, excitement, and so on and you can pretty much expect a spill, spatter and bowl to travel across the floor as they excitedly lap up their water, or crunch on their food. Perhaps your dog sticks their foot in the bowl to make it stop moving and eat, that is always entertaining but it does not have to happen. The Microdry ultra-absorbent pet placemat offers a cushioned surface to secure a pet bowl, 2 or 3 on and has CoreTex Microfiber which soaks up any spills instantaneously. Spills are absorbed immediately and this will save you the time of actually wiping up after every meal. This is a great pet placemat and it is machine washable. I again am not a proponent of the dryer for any type of mat so I always suggest hanging this item after the washer. It is very quick to dry.

Funny little story. We actually placed this by our cat bowls just to run a quick test, because it might be in the shape of a bone, but I can tell you that your cat will love it to set beneath their little bottoms when the sit down to eat to keep them warm and off the floor. The dining experience becomes 4 star dining in a warm, comfortable seating environment and it does not matter that it is shaped like a bone. The mat is so incredibly soft and really perfect for your cats sitting pleasure or for your dog’s bowls creating them to not move.

Your Cat Might Even try to get in on the placemat:)

I almost forgot to tell you where these are available, but you can find them at Bed Bath & Beyond. Think pets, holiday and gifts!