Reach for Complete Teeth Care

I have a deal with my toothbrush, as long as it provides great oral hygiene, clean teeth and helps to usher in fresh breathe, it stays. However, no matter how good it is, after it has been around for 3 months, my toothbrush and I must part.  The break-up begins and I have to search for a new one.  Long before I put lipstick liner on my lips, lipstick on my lips or even talk to anyone, I grab my toothbrush and start my daily oral hygiene.  I like a fresh mouth and the my toothbrush is my promise to great smelling breathe and good oral hygiene.  Has your toothbrush been in its holder for more than 3 months? It is time to replace that one with a new one and I have been road testing a few brushes for you! Lavishly live your beauty out loud and check out my new finds for your oral hygiene, you just might find you are going to Reach for Complete Care with these!

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There is nothing like firing off a smile to someone, but you want to have lovely teeth right?  Brushing plays a large role in how lovely our teeth look and the right toothbrush can really offer you complete teeth care.   Oral Hygiene is a key element to staying healthy and keeping your teeth looking great.  It does matter which toothbrush you grab and if the toothbrush offers different angles.  I have found 2 different toothbrushes by one brand that offer complete care for your teeth, and I wanted to lavishly live my oral hygiene out loud with you and share so you too might be able to benefit from this great find!

What if you could provide your teeth with triple angle care?  That means that there are special floss bristles that clean deep and between teeth and offer bristles that clean left, straight and right.  The technology built in to these brushes maximizes vertical surface contact to provide superior plaque removal.

Test One: I challenged the Reach Complete Care FLOSS to clean up my teeth.  These were a medium.  The toothbrush cleaned between my teeth quite well and along my gum line.  The handle was ergonomic and offered a soft thumb rest for comfort and maneuvering.  Did my teeth feel cleaner? Yes they did.  Superior cleaning coverage was what my mouth experienced.

Test Two:  I tried out the Complete Care Triple Angle PRO.  This offers the 3 angles that boast superior plaque removal.  The brushes were angled in 3 directions as referenced above and again the brush was easy to maneuver and hold.  The heads on the brushes were really different and they felt comfortable as they moved throughout my mouth.

Here is a little piece of information that might help you stay on track with trading out your old toothbrush and purchasing a new one: Reach offers a 3 month text message reminder program that you can find on their website so it will tell you when it is time to get a new toothbrush!

Lavishly live life out loud, create a clean, healthy mouth, using brushes that get the job done. Oral Hygiene helps pave the way to great health so stay on the right track and brush and make sure to REACH for the brushes above on the store shelves at major retailers near you!

*product was provided to facilitate review.